5D Floor Ground Wall Inkjet Printing machine

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5D Floor Ground Wall Inkjet Printing machine-PE-S10
5D Floor Ground Wall Inkjet Printing machine-PE-S10
5D Floor Ground Wall Inkjet Printing machine-PE-S10
5D Floor Ground Wall Inkjet Printing machine-PE-S10
5D Floor Ground Wall Inkjet Printing machine

Model: PE-S10


The 5D floor and ground inkjet printing machine is a new product strongly launched by Perfect Laser. It adopts imported Japan imported Epson high-definition print heads. The maximum spray speed can reach 64/h. It’s fast, one-time imaging, with bright color, and will not get fade.

Product Features

1.Equipped with dual ultrasonic sensors, up and down two-way inductive surface tracking, automatic positioning, and automatic solution to uneven surface and floor tilt. .

2.AI intelligent image processing speed is fast and efficient.

3.Comes with 11.6 inch touch panel, easy and clear operation.

4.Negative pressure automatic ink supply ensures the continuity of ink supply, prevents dust from entering the ink tube and nozzle, prolongs the service life of the nozzle, and is more suitable for outdoor environments.

5. The printing head is automatically cleaned with one button, no need to be disassembled, and it can be completed automatically, which effectively guarantees the smooth flow of the ink path. The printing head adopts an automatic protection device, which greatly reduces the risk of the printing head being affected by the external environment.

6.High precision: the highest painting precision can reach 9600 DPI.

7.Built-in power supply backup. The floor ground inkjet printing machine can work continuously for up to 10-12 hours without external power supply or power failure.


1. Applicable Materials

The floor ground inkjet printing machine is suitable for all kinds of white walls, such as: putty walls, ceramic tile walls, latex paint walls, cement walls, etc.,

2. Applicable industries:

The floor ground inkjet printing machine is suitable for decoration industry, advertising industry, culture and education industry, government and community publicity, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Floor & Ground & Wall Inkjet Printing Machine PE-S10


Colorful water-based ink

Printing Heads

Signal head

The fastest painting speed


Motherboard configuration

6-core CPU,

2GB DDR memory

Total body weight

35 kgs

Power-off endurance time

10 hours

Data transmission method

USB 2.0 / 3.0 / Bluetooth / Wireless control (optional)

Ultrasonic sensor

Double sensor

Host size

2820 x 535 x 390mm

Highest painting accuracy

9600 dpi

Ink consumption per square

6-10 ML

print head model

Japan imported Epson print head (industrial grade)

X axis folding


Print head guard


Head ink tank

Can be split and transported separately

Painting direction


X axis guide


Y axis guide


Z axis guide


Display screen

11.6-inch touch panel

X axis effective stroke


Print head cleaning

One-key automatic

Ink tank capacity



Green environmental protection certification,

national standard testing qualified

(GB18582-2001, GBT9756-2001), CE certification

power supply

AC110V (90-132V) / AC220V (AC180-264V) , 47-63HZ

Power consumption

No load 20W, generally 75W, up to 250W


Standby <20dBA, drawing <50dBA

Construction temperature

-10°C-60°C (14°F-140°F) 10%-80% relative humidity,


Storage temperature

-30℃-60℃-22°F-140°F) 10%-80% relative humidity,


Language switch

Chinese and English (customized)

System platform

Windows XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Flash spray test


Inkjet test


Automatic nozzle avoidance

Turn left and right

Print white


Painted mode


Gallery type

Beautifully printed gallery book + mobile hard disk

Picture processing

AI intelligent image processing

Automatically block large images

Unlimited height / width size of painted pictures

Interrupt automatic marking


Quiet zone calibration

Step calibration

Nozzle buffer

Spray distance


Ink supply method

Negative pressure automatic ink supply

Color processing

Automatic color matching

Painted medium

All floor

Integrated voltage regulator


Laser positioning


Magnetic limit


Automatic white jump


Power outage life


Picture on demand


PE-S10 Water-based colorful ink type(single head):

Process treatment:

1. The floor base must be treated as white.

(The premise is that the floor must be able to adhere to the ink)

2. The machine will be equipped with a special white primer before leaving the factory. After the floor is treated with white primer, wait for the white paint to dry before printing.

3. After printing, the entire painting needs to be painted. It takes about 1 hour for the surface of the finish paint to dry, and it takes more than 4 hours for the finish to dry before this work is considered complete.




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