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Laser Welding Machine for Kitchenware Industry-PE-W200C
Laser Welding Machine for Kitchenware Industry-PE-W200C
Laser Welding Machine for Kitchenware Industry

Model: PE-W200C


1. Laser refers to the light amplification by stimulate emission of radiation, named laser for short. The kitchenware welding machine is a new light source. As for the other source, nothing is better than laser, due to kitchenware welding machine's characteristics of coherence, monochromaticity, directivity and high output power.

2. Let the laser focus on one point, the power density on the focal plane can be reached 105-1013w/cm2. Laser welding makes the most use of laser beam to carry out the work through the achievement of its excellent direction and high power density characteristics. When the laser beam is gathered in a very small area through the optical system, and the heat source area appears in the welded place within a very short period of time, so that the solid solder joint and welding stitch are formed through melting and welding.

3. The kitchenware welding machine is a welding machines for sale,stainless steel welding machine,laser welding machine for stainless steel,stainless steel laser welding.

Comparison with Traditional Welding Process

1. Laser has high processing speed, and laser welding is roughly equivalent to 3 argon arc welder through the practice of actual welding ;
2. The affected zone of thermal deformation and heat is small (suitable for processing thin plates or thin metal tubes, etc.);
3. The after laser’s welding, the welding surface is smooth, there is no need to polish and buff;
4. The kitchenware welding machine is convenient for the processing of the complex shape of parts, the small pieces of the substance, and even the processing in vacuum;
5. processing without noise, no pollution to the environment;
6. Combining the automatic control with the computer technology, it is easy to achieve automation and seal the welding process;
7. Due to the advanced processing methods, the kitchenware welding machine is convenient for the existing product structure and materials to improve.Comparison with Traditional Welding Process



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