Perfect Laser Fiber Transmitting Laser Welding Machine for Metal

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Perfect Laser Fiber Transmitting Laser Welding Machine for Metal-PE-W300G
Perfect Laser Fiber Transmitting Laser Welding Machine for Metal-PE-W300G
Perfect Laser Fiber Transmitting Laser Welding Machine for Metal

Model: PE-W300G

Product Description

PE-W300G Fiber Transmitting Laser Welding Machine is produced by Perfect Laser. The welding machine adopts integration design, compact structure and aesthetic appearance, and have characters of best beam mode, stable energy output, stable performance, reliable use, fast welding,a wide range of applications for consumable parts. Whether it is from the appearance , structure or man-machine operation page, the laser welding machine for mold repair shows Perfect laser innovation and progress for humanization and work efficiency in laser equipment, and it is really a major selling products in laser welding machine industry.


PE-W300G laser welding machine is widely used in high-precision metal parts welding, electronic components welding, picture tube electron gun welding, missile detector welding, mobile phone vibration motor welding, detonator engine welding, car lights and xenon lamp welding Precision optoelectronic parts welding, sensor and electronic products such as welding.


1. It adopts advanced Germany combined gold-plated reflector cavity laser technology, and use special beam election mode technology, which ensure a high output power and excellent laser beam mode.

2. PE-W300G laser welding machine with a large output power, huge energy, excellent laser beam mode, reliable performance, fiber transmission and other characteristics, you can easily process different positions at the same time.

3. Equipped with programmable pulse and intelligent management system, and have dual pulse xenon lamp and constant current laser power supply , to protect the system to run stable and prevent the water temperature is too high or too low.

4. The use of semiconductor red light positioning is easy to find the welding point, and to ensure more accurate processing, saving time and effort.

5. Configuration CCD coaxial / paraxial monitoring to monitor the welding process more intuitive , and to facilitate more timely adjustment.

6. Impact-resistant working platform and rotating fixture to facilitate the placement of objects to be sold, it can also be designed according to customer needs to meet a variety of processing.

7.Crane type laser welding machine equipped with the crane system can be moved in all directions.Equipped with a two-dimensional CNC platform, the mold repaire welding machine can be for large-scale mold with 1.5 meters diameters, and several tons weight. Easy to move, you can move directly near to the mold which need to be repaired. It also can be used for small and medium size mold repair.

Model Parameters



Conduction type

Optical fiber transmission (lamp pumped)

Machine power supply


Laser type

Nd:YAG pulse xenon lamp

spot size


Laser wavelength


pulse width


laser power


Pulse frequency


Laser output focal length


Laser cooling


Observation system

Standard CCD

Fiber length

5 meters (standard)

Power consumption of the whole machine


Equipment size

Main engine 1020*650*1100mm water machine 750*600*920mm