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New Industrial Automatic Large Format UV Flatbed Printer Printing Machine for  Glass Aluminum Plastic Wood -PE-UV2513
New Industrial Automatic Large Format UV Flatbed Printer Printing Machine for  Glass Aluminum Plastic Wood -PE-UV2513
New Industrial Automatic Large Format UV Flatbed Printer Printing Machine for  Glass Aluminum Plastic Wood -PE-UV2513
New Industrial Automatic Large Format UV Flatbed Printer Printing Machine for  Glass Aluminum Plastic Wood -PE-UV2513
New Industrial Automatic Large Format UV Flatbed Printer Printing Machine for Glass Aluminum Plastic Wood

Model: PE-UV2513

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser is a professional laser equipment R & D and production of the manufacturers, with the market for large format flatbed printer made increasingly high requirements, Perfect Laser has also introduced a large format flatbed printer, model for the PE-UV2513. The machine is equipped with a unique anti-collision device, which can be very good protection nozzle. 2500*1300mm format, high production efficiency. And using a long-term natural aging beam, durable, no deformation. The large format flatbed printer has been recognized by customers for its excellent quality.

Product Features

1. The rack adopts all-steel integration, the structure is more reasonable and it is not easy to be deformed, and the stability is stronger.
2. The large format flatbed printer use of high-performance screw: high-speed mute imported screw, high precision, low noise, wear-resistant, to ensure accurate positioning.
3. Configured a segmented suction platform to freely adjust the air volume to conveniently and effectively protect the nozzle and avoid ink waste, saving operating costs.
4. Professional color management software is used to ensure brilliant and full color output.
5. Ink cartridge automatic alarm system: When the ink level is less than one-third, the ink cartridge will automatically light the alarm, so that the print is uninterrupted and the production is more smooth.


Large format flatbed printer can perform color inkjet printing on a variety of materials. Large format flatbed printer can not only infuse soft materials, but also can develop in diversified directions. For example, glass, wood, floor tiles, ceilings, ceramics and other materials can be sprayed with beautiful patterns, which is the development trend of digital printing technology.

Technical Data

Model type

Large format flatbed printer PE-UV2513

Maximum output size


Print head type

Ricoh Industrie nozzle

Ricoh Industrie nozzle

Droplet size


Ink Type

Thermal transfer ink, eco solvent ink

aqueous ink, sublimation ink, UV ink

Material Type

Print color

Precision smart dual four-color(CMYK), dual eight-color / eight-color (optional white ink scheme)


Maximum media thickness


Bearing weight

Max 200KG

Printing accuracy

2880*1440dpi(32 PASS),1440*1440dpi





(8PASS),720*720dpi(4 PASS),720*360dpi






Lift function

Smart ink car lift,electronic automatic / manual smart sensors detect height adjustment

Image Format


Ink system

1000ml*8 colors

NO. of print heads




Print speed

4 PASS 8M²/hr

Standard Modeup to 36 m²/h4+2print head speed

4pass 720*900dpi @ 20sqm/h

8 PASS 4M²/hr

High-precision mode:up to 24 m²/h4+2 print head speed

4pass 32m²/h

12 PASS 3.7M²/hr

Ultra-high precisionup to 17m²/h4+2 print head speed

6pass 20m²/h

16 PASS 2.5M²/hr

8pass 15m²/h

Power Requirements



high speed USB

Operating system

MS Window 98/Me/2000/XP/Win7

Operating system WindowsXP Home Edition or Professional Edition

Operation condition

Temperature 15℃~35℃Reative humidity 20%~80%

Print Workflow

RIP after printing

RIP printing

Cleaning System

Automatic cleaning system






Hard disk

80G 250G

Physical dimension



Package Size



Curing lamp

Germany Osram LED light

RIP software


X axle rail brand and model

Taiwan HIWIN mute linear guide rail

X shaft belt

Japan Fujifilm industrial wire belt

X axis /Y axis servo motor

Taiwan Delta

X axis beam

Two times tempered high strength steel, high hardness, no deformation

X/Y axis print towline and wire harness

Germany IGUS

Y shaft drive screw

Imported grinding rod

Ink car lift rail brand

Taiwan HIWIN mute linear guide rail

Platform type and accuracy

Glass platform

Solvent capacity and liquid level alarm of main ink box

1L capacity, including liquid level alarm

Filtration and brand


Negative pressure control mode

Double negative color control

Negative pressure meter brand and model

Japan Fujifilm

Electrical switch brand

Japan Omron

Ink pipe

France Saint-Gobain

X/Y/Z axis master control driver

X/Y/Z three axis servo drive, delta exclusive research and development

Sprinkler board control

National exclusive network card, 3 cable transmission, easy to upgrade

Ink circulation system

White ink circulation, white ink mixing to prevent plugging

Frame structure

All steel one-piece frame, non welded or locked aluminum frame



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