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High Quality Cheap Multi-function UV Ink Fatbed Printer for Printing Phone Case -PE-UV1513
High Quality Cheap Multi-function UV Ink Fatbed Printer for Printing Phone Case -PE-UV1513
High Quality Cheap Multi-function UV Ink Fatbed Printer for Printing Phone Case -PE-UV1513
High Quality Cheap Multi-function UV Ink Fatbed Printer for Printing Phone Case -PE-UV1513
High Quality Cheap Multi-function UV Ink Fatbed Printer for Printing Phone Case -PE-UV1513
High Quality Cheap Multi-function UV Ink Fatbed Printer for Printing Phone Case

Model: PE-UV1513

Product Introduction

Flatbed inkjet printer is a perfect combination of UV-curable ink and digital inkjet printing technology. Flatbed inkjet printer not only has the advantages of ordinary inkjet printers, but also achieves a multi-purpose machine, faster speed, and higher precision. In order to meet the needs of a wider range of customers, Perfect Laser has introduced a flatbed inkjet printer model PE-UV1513 with a web width of 1500*1300mm and a higher production efficiency. At the same time can produce colorful inkjet works, to meet the needs of a variety of customers need to color inkjet.

Product Features

1. Flatbed inkjet printer adopt all-steel integrated rack, uv flatbed structure is reasonable, it is not easy to be deformed and has good stability.

2.Flatbed inkjet printer using high-speed mute imported screw rod, high precision, low noise, wear resistance, ensure accurate positioning.

3. The uv flatbed use the sectional suction platform, can adjust the air volume, convenient and effective protection of the nozzle and can avoid wasting ink, to a certain extent, reduce production costs.

4. The format reaches 1500*1300mm and the production efficiency is higher.

5. The flatbed inkjet printer use of high-quality color management software, to ensure that the output is full of gorgeous.


1. Professional and personalized markets for decorations, special products, such as: art glass, decorative ceramics, wooden handicrafts, furniture, false metal pulls, ceilings, curtains, etc.
2. Signage industry Platform printers that use uv flatbed can be directly sprayed onto the final signage material such as metal, reflective film, wood, plastic, and more.
3. The exhibition display industry uses flatbed inkjet printer directly printed on hard plates, such as: KT plate, acrylic plate, plexiglass plate, etc., which can reduce the previous troubles of film coating, fading and blistering, while saving a lot of labor.

Technical Data

Model type

UV Flatbed PE-UV1513

Maximum output size


Droplet size

Ricoh Industrie nozzle


Print head type



Ink Type

Thermal transfer ink, eco solvent ink

aqueous ink, sublimation ink, UV ink

Material type

Thermal transfer paper, light boxes cloth

body paste, single transparent film

Print color


Maximum media thickness


Bearing weight

Max 200KG

Printing accuracy






Lift function

Smart ink car lift

electronic automatic / manual smart sensors detect height adjustment

Image Format





Ink system

1000ml*8 colors

NO. of print heads



Print speed

Draft Mode:up to ikkok45 m²/h(4+2 print head speed)

Standard Mode:up to 36 m²/h(4+2print head speed)

High-precision mode:up to 24 m²/h(4+2 print head speed)

High speed 4H GH2220:3pass 720*600dpi @ 30sqm/h

High speed 4H GH2220:4pass 720*900dpi @ 20sqm/h

Ultra-high precision:up to 17m²/h(4+2 print head speed)

High speed 8H GH2220:4pass 32m²/h

High speed 8H GH2220:6pass 20m²/h

High speed 8H GH2220:8pass 15m²/h

Power Requirements



high speed USB


Operating system

MS Window 98/Me/2000/XP/Win7

Operating system WindowsXP Home Edition or Professional Edition





Hard disk

80G 250G

Operation condition

Temperature 15℃~35℃Reative humidity 20%~80%

Print Workflow

RIP after printing

RIP printing

Cleaning System

Automatic cleaning system

Physical dimension


Package Size


Curing lamp

Germany Osram LED light

RIP software


X axle rail brand and model

Taiwan HIWIN mute linear guide rail

X shaft belt

Japan Fujifilm industrial wire belt

X axis /Y axis servo motor

Taiwan Delta

X axis beam

Two times tempered high strength steel, high hardness, no deformation

X/Y axis print towline and wire harness

Germany IGUS

Y shaft drive screw

Imported grinding rod

Ink car lift rail brand

Taiwan HIWIN mute linear guide rail

Platform type and accuracy

Glass platform

Solvent capacity and liquid level alarm of main ink box

1L capacity, including liquid level alarm

Filtration and brand


Negative pressure control mode

Double negative color control

Negative pressure meter brand and model

Japan Fujifilm

Electrical switch brand

Japan Omron

Ink pipe

France Saint-Gobain

X/Y/Z axis master control driver

X/Y/Z three axis servo drive, delta exclusive research and development

Sprinkler board control

National exclusive network card, 3 cable transmission, easy to upgrade

Ink circulation system

White ink circulation, white ink mixing to prevent plugging

Frame structure

All steel one-piece frame, non welded or locked aluminum frame



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