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PE-UV1015 Perfect Laser Glass Acrylic Wood Metal Phone Case UV Flatbed Printer

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Machine Description

Perfect Laser is a manufacturer engaged in the research, development and production of laser equipment. It has been operating for over 13 years and has a good reputation. Now in order to meet the different needs of different customers, launched a UV Flatbed Printer, its model is PE-UV1015.

The flatbed printer's format is 1000*1500mm,the flatbed printer can effectively reduce the production cost. And the UV Flatbed Printer can be sprayed on the surface of various special materials, a wide range of applications. After the launch of this machine, the majority of customers have received attention.


1.The flatbed printer can be painted on the surface of various materials, to achieve personalized customization, such as printing pictures of people, portraits and other patterns, without restriction.
2.Easy to operate: computer control equipment, after the software is set up, the UV flatbed printer1 will follow-up automation printing and save the labor.
3.The material is not limited: Piezoelectric inkjet principle, not in contact with the material, the UV flatbed printer can be widely printed a variety of materials.
4.The flatbed printer installed a moisturizing cleaning system: Convenient and effective protection of the nozzle, and to avoid wasting ink, saving operating costs.
5.The UV flatbed printer equipped with bi-directional printing function, it can increase printing speed and efficiency.


1. Hard paper packaging industry can use the flatbed printer to customized packaging design.
2. Leather textile printing industry can use the UV flatbed printer to reduce printing costs.
3.Display board production can use the flatbed printer to directly print the required patterns on the surface of various advertising boards such as KT board, no foaming, low cost, and time-saving efficiency.

Technical Data

Model type

UV Flatbed Printer PE-UV1015

NO. of print heads


Print head type

Epson DX5 or DX7

Printing resolution

2880*1440dpi(32 Pass),1440*1440dpi(16 Pass),1440*720dpi(8 Pass),720*720dpi(4 Pass),720*360dpi(2 Pass)

Lifting function

Intelligent ink tank lifting,electronic-automatic/manual operation intelligent induction to inspect and adjust height

Printing speed

2 PASS 16M²/hr

4 PASS 8M²/hr

8 PASS 4M²/hr

12 PASS 3.7M²/hr

16 PASS 2.5M²/hr

File format



High speed USB transmission interface

Print color

High precision intelligent double 4 colors/4 colors(CMYK),double 8 colors/8 colors(white ink optional)

Ink system

1000ml*8 colors

Printing size


Media thickness


Power consumption


Operation system

MS Window 98/Me/2000/XP/Win7

Operation condition

Temperature 15℃~35℃,Reative humidity 20%`80%



Packing Dimensions


Sustain Weight



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