1000W/1500W/3000W Hardware Pipe Precision CNC Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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1000W/1500W/3000W Hardware Pipe Precision CNC Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine- PE-F1010
1000W/1500W/3000W Hardware Pipe Precision CNC Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine- PE-F1010
1000W/1500W/3000W Hardware Pipe Precision CNC Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Model: PE-F1010

Product Introduction

The metal precision fiber optic laser cutting machines is a complete set of optical, mechanical and electrical integrated laser cutting equipment carefully built according to the precision processing requirements of small metal pipe fittings and precision circular accessories.

Compact design, and equipped with precision screw guide and motor drive. Using high performance laser and cutting head, three-axis control CNC laser cutting, independent development of machine structure and integrated cabinet to ensure the stability of cutting.

The use of high-quality transmission parts and professional cutting CNC control system,effectively guarantee cutting quality, and greatly improve work efficiency.

Hardware pipe fibre optic laser cutting machines is suitable for cutting short pipe of rotary hardware parts, opening and arc cutting of round pipe, square pipe, variable pipe, U-shaped pipe and curved pipe within 1.5 meters. Also can realize the opening of the bend pipe.

Product Features

1. The CNC metal laser cutter machine is with beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure, and the placement and use are very convenient.

2. The CNC metal laser cutter processing flexibility is good, process any graphics, cut pipe and other profiles, not affected by the shape of the work piece at all.

3. Non-contact cutting, cutting quality is good, the heat affected area is small, completely avoid the material punching shear formed by the collapse of the edge, cutting generally do not need secondary processing or a small amount of grinding processing.

4. Not affected by the hardness of the cut material, can be cut without deformation, smooth cutting section without burr and no damage to the work piece, greatly improve the yield.

5. Hardware pipe CNC metal laser cutter the whole system optical path self-protection function is good, with multi-channel closed-loop protection system and powerful self-diagnosis function, the alarm can prompt quickly.

6. Processing without mold, save mold investment cost and time cost, greatly reduce the process flow and reduce the production cost, improve the speed of new product development and processing efficiency.

7. Independent operating table, good numerical control system, friendly design interface and efficient automatic typesetting function, and can be real-time feedback to the processing state, to ensure the orderly processing, simple and intuitive operation.

8. According to the application scenario, various non-standard models and specific fixture, loading bin and automatic feeding device can be customized to meet your needs.


1. Applicable Materials

The automatic laser cutting machine is suitable for fine cutting and hole cutting of various round work pieces such as kettle, thermos cup, furnace core, fine oil pipeline, sensor cover, exhaust pipe and so on.

2. Applicable industry

The automatic laser cutting machine is widely used in hardware lighting, kitchenware, automotive oil pipe, instrument panel pipe rack, power tools, exhaust pipe, stainless steel core, automotive hardware pipe, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Hardware Pipe Precision CNC Automatic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Device

High performance fiber laser

Laser Power


Modulation Frequency

05kHz adjustable

Optical Quality


Maximum Cutting Capacity

Carbon steel 10mm; Stainless steel 6mm;

Aluminum alloy: 5mm

Pipe Diameter

Within 400mm

Hole Roundness


Working Voltage

Three-phase 380v±5%/50Hz

X-axis Stroke

1000mm (movement of work piece diameter)

Y-axis Stroke

100mm (work piece length direction movement)

Z-axis Stroke


Maximum Velocity on the X and Y Axes

30 m/min

X and Y Axis Positioning Accuracy


X and Y Axis Repetition Accuracy


Wall Thickness

Within 6mm

Positional Accuracy

Within 0.05mm



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