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PEDB-420 Animal Ear Tags Fiber Laser Marking Machine On Plastic Parts

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Product Introduction

The materials and content of animal ear tags are very suitable for laser technology to marking.The marking logo and material integration is not easily forged, and the marking process of ear tag engraver is very fast and very economical.

This kind of animal ear tag laser marking machine is a high-efficiency laser coder specially developed and manufactured by Perfect Laser for animal earmarking market. The ear tag marker adopts imported German high-quality laser source, the beam quality is excellent and the marking lines of this ear tag marker are smooth and fine. At the same time we equipped with the Perfect Laser special coding software and professional customized working platform to automatically arrange serial number, input multi-character and two-dimensional code to fast and accurate realizing various marking on livestock ear tag and labeling surface.

Product Features

1. The animal ear tag laser marking machine adopts integrated design, equipped with electric multi-station rotating platform (the platform shape can be customized for your own ear tag parts), easy operation and environmental protection.

2. The ear tag engraver adopts imported Germany laser source with high-quality beam mode and optical frequency control, the marking accuracy of the ear tag engraver is very high and the marking effect is excellent and clear, animal ear tags can be achieved permanent and anti-counterfeit mark by this ear tag engraver.

3. Meet the coding equipment technical requirements of Agriculture Ministry livestock ear tags production systems technical specifications, and the ear tag marker can be marked on the surface of a variety of livestock earmark logo and two-dimensional code and other information.

4. The cattle ear tag printing machines adopt professional custom work platform, and equipped with Perfect laser special coding software, the processing time of work pieces by this cattle ear tag printing machines is shorter and more efficient.

5. The marking speed of the ear tag engraver is fast and only once is OK, no consumables and the the whole energy consumption of the cattle ear tag printing machines is low, with long service life and low cost.


This animal ear tag laser marking machine is mainly applied in the identification of numbers or two-dimensional codes on animal ear tags (pigs, cattle, sheep) for the information management of animals and livestocks for animal breeding, epidemic prevention and meat quarantine.

Technical Data

Model No

PEDB-420 Animal Ear Tag Laser Marking Machine




Includes PC

Laser Source

IPG Series

Pulsed, High Energy Ytterbium Fiber Lasers

Mode of operation





20W 30W 50W

Central emission wavelength

1060-1070 nm ,Q-switched operation Output power adjustment range 10%-100%

Emission Bandwidth (FWHM)

<10 nm

Long-term average power instability


Pulse width, (FWHM)

100 ns

Laser switching ON time

180 μsec

Laser switching OFF time

180 μsec

Pulse Repetition Rate* kHz

20-80 kHz

Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz)

0.95 mJ

Typical beam quality, M2


Output fiber delivery length


Operating voltage


Max. Power consumption


Net Dimensions


Net Weight

130 kgs

Gross Weight

200 kgs

Laser system

Scanning Speed


Marking Speed


Marking size

110mm×110mm (F-theta 160)

Spot size

≤ 40 micron (F-theta 160)

Cooling unit

Air cooled

Pilot laser

650nm diode laser, visible red light for marking guide

Continuous working time



4585% (no condensation)

Operating temperature


Control units

Laser Mark (English Version)

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