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Automatic Machine for Advertising Sign Letter -PEL-600
Automatic Machine for Advertising Sign Letter -PEL-600
Automatic Machine for Advertising Sign Letter -PEL-600
Automatic Machine for Advertising Sign Letter -PEL-600
Automatic Machine for Advertising Sign Letter

Model: PEL-600

Product Introduction

PEL-600 automatic channel letter bending machines is independently researched and developed by Perfect Laser. The series of automatic channel letter bending machines serves all walks of life in the world, leading the market share and winning the attention of users in more than 80 countries around the world. The copper channel letter bending machine not only can produce 3 meters of exposed characters, but also this aluminium bending machine can be used for various profiles, edgeless words, epoxy resin characters, unsaturated resin characters, and various small characters.

Product Features

1) Convenient operation: The 3D letter bending machines is fully automatic equipment, automatic feeding, automatic slotting, automatic bending;

2) Rapid processing: processing speed, a molding;

3) High processing precision: the feeding accuracy of the aluminium bending machine can reach 0.01mm, and the bending accuracy can reach 0.4°;

4) The aluminium bending machine is mainly used for aluminum materials: single edging aluminum and double edging aluminum;

5) Saving energy: The total power is 700 watts, and the actual power is less than 700 watts.


Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Iron

Industry: Advertising business, like logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising and other advertising production.

Technical Data


PEL-600 3D Letter Bending Machines

Control Type

PC Control Type

Bending Material

Can bend all kinds of Aluminum,Plastic, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanize Plate, Iron, etc.

Material Edge

Double-Wraped-Edge(2 sides) & Non Wrapd Edge Material

Max. Processed Thickness


Max. Processed Width:



45-135 degrees


Perfect Laser Bending Software


AC 220V,50HZ(Spcial power, need to add transformer)



General Power


The Use Of Power



1850mm * 900mm * 2200mm


480 kgs

Import File Format


Feed speed

5 Meter / Min


0.05 mm


Mainly used for bending aluminum, if for other metal materials like stainless steel, galvanised sheet, you will change knife often

Remark: Price is not including PC and PC screen.




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