Perfect Laser 40w 50w 60w mini laser engraver for plastic rubber paper cutting

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Plastic Rubber Paper 40w 50w 60w Mini Laser Engraver-PEDK-6040A
Plastic Rubber Paper 40w 50w 60w Mini Laser Engraver-PEDK-6040A
Plastic Rubber Paper 40w 50w 60w Mini Laser Engraver-PEDK-6040A
Plastic Rubber Paper 40w 50w 60w Mini Laser Engraver-PEDK-6040A
Plastic Rubber Paper 40w 50w 60w Mini Laser Engraver

Model: PEDK-6040A

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser manufactures and produces small non-metallic laser engraving machines with good quality and global service.

PEDK-6040A small laser engraving machine is an economical and practical small non-metal laser engraving machine model, using imported lenses, high precision linear guide rail, sealed chassis design to ensure the whole machine beautiful and practical, perfect function, good performance and economic.

This small non-metal laser engraving machine can work offline, has a powerful, compatible editing software, can support BMP, PLT, AL, DST, DXF and other file formats.

Product Features

1. PEDK-6040A 40w CO2 laser engraver also called mini laser engraver is a economical and practical type with high precision engraving, optional electric-lifting work table for your choice.

2. 60w laser engraver is specially designed for craft engraving, mini laser engraver adopts imported component and most advanced photo-mechanic-electronic integration technology. The mini laser engraver makes sure the beautiful outlook, practical function and excellent performance.

3. Easy operation, and this kind of plastic engraver also can be used for a laser engraver for wood which can support printer and scanner, at meantime the mini laser engraver is also compatible with ITF International standard word-bank, BMP, Jpg etc. file format.

4. With powerful edition software and strong compatibility, mini laser engraver can support many file format like BMP, PLT, AL, DST, DXF etc.


1. Applied Industry

Craft, Advertising decoration,Rubber Plate, Mould, paper etc. industry.

2. Applied Material

Acrylic, PVC, Leather, Textile, Cloth, Rubber, Plastic, Wood, Paper, Stone etc. non-metal materials. For its wide range application, we can also call it the 40w Co2 laser engraver,mini laser engraver,60w laser engraver ,plastic engraver,laser engraver for wood.

Technical Data



Laser Type:

Hermetic and Detached CO2 Laser Tube

Laser Wavelength:


Laser Power:




Working Area:


Engraving Speed:


Cutting Speed:

0-30 mm/s

Cutting Thickness

0-10mm (Varies to different materials)

Machine Power:


Location Type:

Red Pointer positioning

Location Accuracy





USB 2.0

Working Table:

Honeycomb table

Up-down height:


Mini Text Height:

English Letter: 1mm Chinese:2mm

Support Software:

Windows XP / CorelDraw

Working Voltage:

AC220v/50hz, AC110v/50hz

Working Environment:

Temperature0-45℃ Humidity5%-95%

Driver Way:

Digital Subdividing Step Driver

Laser Device Cooling Type

Circulating Water Cooling

Option Item:

Motorized lifting table, Rotary Fixture

Rotary System(Optional)


Machine Dimension:


Machine Weight:

95 kg



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