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40w 50w 60w Small Desktop Co2 Laser Engravers-PEDK-6040
40w 50w 60w Small Desktop Co2 Laser Engravers-PEDK-6040
40w 50w 60w Small Desktop Co2 Laser Engravers-PEDK-6040
40w 50w 60w Small Desktop Co2 Laser Engravers-PEDK-6040
40w 50w 60w Small Desktop Co2 Laser Engravers

Model: PEDK-6040

Product Introduction

The small non-metal laser engraving machine manufactured and produced by Perfect Laser is of good quality and serves the world.

According to the needs of the arts and crafts industry, a 40W/50W/60W small laser engraving machine 6040, compact, widely used, affordable, is a small assistant for non-metallic materials engraving and cutting.

6040 small laser engraving machine optional automatic lifting platform, lifting range in 1-400 mm, can be carved in a larger range, to meet the needs of different thickness of non-metallic materials.

Product Features

1. 50w and 40w small laser engraver is small and compact, suitable for home DIY for all kinds of non-metal material engraving and cutting.

2. The desktop laser engravers can engrave and cut on nonmetal materials, such as Crafts, Furniture, Glasses, Woods, PVC, Lightnings, Advertising and decorating, paper, etc.

3. With selective electric lifting table (lifting range: 0-400mm), from top to bottom small laser engraver owns a large adjust range and thus can meet the different thickness of the processing needs.


CNC small laser engraver has been widely used in trademarks, embroidery, clothing and other industries.Adoptable for clothing tailoring, embroidery cutting, leather cutting, leather carving, leather punch & hollow,shoes cutting & carving. This kind of of machine also can be called desktop laser engravers,laser engraver prices,CNC engraver,small laser engraver,50w laser engraver,40w laser engraver.

Technical Data

Working Area


Laser Power

40w / 50w / 60w

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Cooling Mode

Water Cooling and Protection System

Support Graphics Formats



220V (+/-10%), 50Hz

Machine Power


Auxiliary Devices

Exhaust Fan and Exhaust Pipe

Cutting Platform

Professional Thickening Strip Work Table

Optional Items

Offline Control System (LCD Screen,USB Port), Electric-Lifting Platfor, Rotary System

Power Control Approach

Laser Energy Combining Movement Control System

Control Software

Original Perfect Laser Engraving & Cutting Software

Machine Size




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