Perfect Laser 300w 400w wooden die board laser cutting machine for packing industry

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Die Board Laser Cutter-PEC-0909 1208 1212 1512
Die Board Laser Cutter-PEC-0909 1208 1212 1512
Die Board Laser Cutter-PEC-0909 1208 1212 1512
Die Board Laser Cutter-PEC-0909 1208 1212 1512
Die Board Laser Cutter-PEC-0909 1208 1212 1512
Die Board Laser Cutter

Model: PEC-0909 1208 1212 1512


Perfect Laser is the world famous manufacturers for die board laser cutting machine.

Perfect laser die cutting machine is specialized in cutting die board up to 20mm-25mm, with high efficiency, excellent quality, low maintenance and low running cost, widely applicable for packaging, advertising Industry. We provide 300w laser cutting machine and 400w laser cutting machine for you to choose.


1. Adopt automatic following and focusing system,and it can automatically senses the distance from cutting head to die board surface and adjust the focus distance to keep a good cutting quality.

2. The die cutting machine also can be called plywood cutting machine.It is for die board install 2pcs Chinese Top Quality 150W CO2 laser tube, the watt is 1/10 of larger power cutting machine, low power consumption.

3. Advanced double laser heads coaxial cutting technology, which makes the plywood cutting machine can cut both sides of the die board in the same axle, enhance the whole process efficiency.

4. Germany Imported ball screw rod and Taiwan linear guide rail, matched 2D accurate working table insure the high stability of the cutting performance.

5. Tempering heat treated lathe bed, which isn’t easy to be deformed.

6. The thickness of 15MM, 18MM, 20MM, 25MM die-board can be cut arbitrary width by the plywood cutting machine, such as 0.45, 0.71, 1.05, 1.42 etc. Kerf uniform, consistent from top to bottom seam. Once turned on, the machine can work without waiting time.

7. The wooden die board laser cutting directly with compressed air, and the plywood cutting machine doesn't need to buy any other inactive gas, greatly lowered the users operation cost.

8. Adopt profession software, which is particularly designed for die cutting machine, with high compatibility, support any computer operating system.

9. Easy Operation, Stable performance and applicable for nonmetal processing industry.


The plywood cutting machine is mainly used in 20-15mm die board cutting. It's also can be used to do MDF cutting, wood cutting, bamboo cutting, plywood cutting, acrylic cutting, organic glass cutting, plastic cutting, PVC board cutting, plexiglass cutting etc. materials cutting.

Application Industry: die cutting machine can be used in packages, advertisement, handicrafts and other industries.

The plywood cutting machine also can be called as die cutting machine,die cut wood,plywood cutting machine,300w laser cutting machine,400w laser cutting machine.

Technical Data






Working area





Laser tube

Chinese Top Quality Laser Tube

Laser power

300w-400w (150w×2, 200w×2)

Tube Lifetime

3000-10000 hours

Cutting Mode

Two laser head coaxial cutting

Cutting Speed

10 -6000mm /min

Max Cutting Depth

20-25mm MDF

Cutting Width

0.35mm -0.75mm adjustable, > 0.75mm adjustable

Driving system

Japan Panasonic Servo Motor and Driver

Transmission System

Germany Ball Screw Rod & Taiwan Linear Guide Rail

Machine Power

2.5 kw

Working voltage

220V(±10%) 50-60Hz

Cooling Mode

Water cooling and protection system

Support Format


Compatible software

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop

Controlling Mode

Perfect Laser CNC Professional Control System




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