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 Flat Die Board Laser Cutting Machine -PEC-0909
 Flat Die Board Laser Cutting Machine -PEC-0909
Flat Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

Model: PEC-0909


Perfect laser, a first-class die board cutting machine manufacturer, has a strong R & D strength, access to a number of national patents, its technical strength leading the domestic industry leader.

PEC-0909 multi-function die board cutting machine adopts medium and small power enclosed CO2 laser to penetrate the 20mm wooden knife template technology (independent patent). The automatic die board cutting machine has beautiful design, good quality and simple maintenance. The MDF laser cutting machine is widely used in packaging, advertising and other industries.


1. High-tech: With its own patented technology, the wood cutting machine adopts small and medium-power sealed-off CO2 lasers, and one-time cutting through 20-25mm wooden knife templates, leading the technology level to its peers.

2. Low operating cost: The flatbed multifunction wood cutting machine is equipped with a 300W-400W carbon dioxide sealed laser tube. The power consumption of the wood cutting machine during operation is very low, only 1/10 of that of high-power lasers, and direct compressed air is directly used for cutting. No additional inert gas configuration is required, reducing operating costs.

3. Highly intelligent: The flatbed multi-function MDF laser cutting machine has an automatic focusing function, which can automatically calculate the distance between the cutting head and the cutting material, automatically adjust the focal length, automatically adapt to various thicknesses of the plate, and ensure the stability and consistency of the optical path and focal length of the wood cutting machine.

4. 20-25mm cutting thickness, flat multi-function MDF laser cutting machine cutting effect is good, even slitting, consistent from top to bottom seams, simple operation, stable performance, very suitable for non-metallic processing industry.


1. Applicable materials: The die board cutting machine is mainly used for cutting of template, used to cut wood, medium density fiberboard, bamboo, plywood, acrylic and other non-metallic materials.

2. Applicable industries: The die board cutting machine is widely applied in packaging industry, advertising, handicrafts and other industries.

Technical Data






Working area





Laser tube

Chinese Top Quality Laser Tube

Laser power

300w-400w(150w×2, 200w×2)

Tube Lifetime


Cutting Mode

Two laser head coaxial cutting

Cutting Speed

10 -6000mm /min

Max Cutting Depth

20-25mm MDF

Cutting Width

0.35mm -0.75mm adjustable, > 0.75mm adjustable

Driving system

Japan Panasonic Servo Motor and Driver

Transmission System

Germany Ball Screw Rod & Taiwan Linear Guide Rail

Machine Power


Working voltage

220V(±10%) 50-60Hz

Cooling Mode

Water cooling and protection system

Support Format


Compatible software

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop

Controlling Mode

CNC Professional Control System




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