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Fast Speed Galvanometer-Scanning Laser Engraving Machine for Jeans and Denim

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Perfect Laser is a world famous manufacturer for jeans laser engraving machines.

The denim and jeans laser engraving machine is catering to the demands of replacing traditional washing processes. With 3D dynamic large-format galvanometer marking technology, this system is specifically developed for jeans, denim, garment engraving.

Equipped with circulation type material feeding processing technology, the jeans engraver and denim laser engraving machine engraves patterns on specified positions during the process. Thereafter, the material automatically moves to the engraving area with the help of a conveyor.


1) Perfect Laser specially designed this machine for denim and jeans engraving, successfully replaced traditional processing. energy-saving, software interface-friendly, no pollution and strong personalized.

2) Circulating convey processing. While in the process, at the same time jeans laser engraving machine also can load material with high productivity.

3) This jeans laser engraving machine is equipped with USA original 500w Co2 RF metal laser and triaxial dynamic large-format galvanometer control system, Low maintenance cost. Fully closed structure. Smoking effect is good. Safe and reliable system.

4) The denim laser engraving machine can engrave a variety of personalized designs such as cat whiskers, monkey wash, PP spray, hanging rub, ripped, sandblasting, snow, portrait and other effects with clear texture and never fade.

5) The jeans laser engraving machine is also called jeans laser engraving machine,denim laser engraving machine,corduroy laser engraving machine,apparel laser engraving machine

1.Suitable for jeans, denim and corduroy engraving.
2.Applicable to jeans, apparel and household products industry.
It is also called jeans laser engraving machine, denim laser engraving machine, jeans engraving machine, laser cut denim, laser cut jeans.
Technical Data

Laser Generator and Optic parameters

Laser Type

USA Co2 RF metal tube

Laser Power


Laser Wavelength

10.6 micro meters

Galvo Scanning effective area


Galvo process speed


(defined as the process material and requirement)

Software system

Control software

Perfect Laser's original software

Software Format

BMP, AI, DST, DXF, PLT, etc.

Working table parameter

Working table type

Transport conveyor belt

Conveyor speed

0-600 mm/s

Conveyor table motor

Servo motor

Assistant System

Protection System

Full protection with optic part structure

Control System

Perfect Laser professional control card

Cooling System

Constant temperature water chiller 5kw for laser machine

Exhaust System

Fixed upper exhaust fans (Filter system is optional)


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