3W 5W Portable Desktop Small UV Laser Marking Machine

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3W 5W Portable Desktop Small UV Laser Marking Machine-PE-UV-03/05 Pro
3W 5W Portable Desktop Small UV Laser Marking Machine-PE-UV-03/05 Pro
3W 5W Portable Desktop Small UV Laser Marking Machine-PE-UV-03/05 Pro
3W 5W Portable Desktop Small UV Laser Marking Machine

Model: PE-UV-03/05 Pro

Product Introduction

The desktop uv laser machine is easy to use, portable, and suitable for one person to handle. It has powerful functions, high precision and a wide range of applications. It fulfills the needs of various sectors for customization and enables a wide range of scenario applications.

The desktop uv laser machine uses intelligent software, the operation page is simple and easy to understand, and the functions are clear at a glance. Beginners only need ten minutes to learn how to operate and mark.

Product Features

1. Using high-quality UV laser, the uv laser engraver can carve transparent materials, peel paint, and perform artistic processing. It can continuously mark for 24 hours, with a long service life, no consumables, and zero maintenance costs.

2. Small in size and light in weight, the uv laser engraver body is made of all metal material, weighing only 22kg, making it easy to carry and move. It can be used in any work scenario without restrictions.

3. High speed integrated galvanometer, fast marking speed, high efficiency, can reach ≥ 10000mm/s.

4. Industrial field mirror focusing design, which uv laser engraver focuses the laser beam energy through the field mirror, resulting in a more delicate effect with a repetition accuracy of 0.001mm, achieving high-precision marking effect.

5. Integrated air-cooled structure, no need to add water, no need to drag water pipes, eliminating the hassle of regular water changes.

6. Manual lifting design,uv engraving machine can quickly adjust the calibration focal length, and support carving of objects at different heights

7. Emergency braking and one click pause of laser operation for safer operation.

8. Easy to learn, independently developed software with computer operation, multiple modes to choose from, simple interface, even beginners can quickly master.

9. The uv engraving machine supports multiple file formats, multiple material carriers, and can engrave numbers, text, graphics, dates, QR codes, barcodes, and more.


1. Applied materials

The uv laser machine is widely used for surface carving of metals, plastics, wood, leather, acrylic, nanometre, fabrics, ceramics, purple sand, glass, crystal products, and coated films.

2. Application industry

The uv laser machine is widely used in mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical devices, automotive glass, hardware, glasses and watches, gifts, PCs, precision electronics, instruments, PCB boards and control panels, nameplates, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Small Desktop UV Laser Marking Machine


PE-UV-03/05 Pro

Laser Power


Ambient Temperature


Repeatability Precision


The Depth of Marking


Standard Accuracy


Standard Speed


Cooling Method

Air cooling

Laser Wavelength


Engraving Area

Standard: 150*150 mm

Customizable: 200*200mm

Wide Marking


Pulse Repetition Rate Range

10kHz to 150kHz

(Options single shot to 200kHz)

Pulse With


Average Power


Average Power Stability

+3%over 24 hours

Single Pulse Stability


Spot Mode TE


1/e2 Beam Diameter


Beam Roundness


Pointing Stability


Polarization Direction


Polarization Ratio


Whole Machine Power


Supported Formats


Support System


Fuselage Weight

Net weight: 22.2 kg

Total weight: 24.2 kg

Machine Size (L * W * H)


Packing Size


Support Language

Chinese Simplified & Traditional,English, Korean,Japanese,Arabic,Russian,Portuguese,Vietnamese,Thai,Spanish,French,German,




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