Handheld Portable Small Metal Non-Metal Laser Rust Remover Cleaner Machine

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Handheld Portable Small Metal Non-Metal Laser Rust Remover Cleaner Machine-PE-100C
Handheld Portable Small Metal Non-Metal Laser Rust Remover Cleaner Machine-PE-100C
Handheld Portable Small Metal Non-Metal Laser Rust Remover Cleaner Machine

Model: PE-100C

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser’s small laser rust remover is a low-power laser cleaning machine with high-quality laser light, which has an ideal cleaning effect on oil layers, rust, paint and oxide film layers.

The cleaning process of the laser rust remover is stable, the quality is uniform, and the effect is good. While ensuring the cleaning effect, it has high cost performance, no consumables, no pollution and green environmental protection.

Product Features

1. The weight of the laser rust remover is just 28 kgs, the weight of portable laser head is only 1.2 kgs.The handheld laser cleaning machine is light-weight and convenient to use.

2. The suitcase design is convenient to move. At the same time, it’s equipped with a trolley to facilitate the movement to anywhere you want.

3.A variety of laser scanning patterns can be set and for complex working conditions, ensures the cleaning effect, so the laser rust remover has stable performance.

4. Laser rust remover totally has no consumables, cost-effective.

Product Advantages

Compare to the traditional laser cleaning machine, this handheld laser cleaning machine has the advantages of:

1. Safe, non-contact, no damage to the substrate.

2. Environmental protection, no secondary pollution and the removal of substances can be recycled.

3. Precise and controllable, cleaning can be set and micron-level precision control in the cleaning thickness.

4. Super cost-effective: no consumables, only power consumption.

5. Strong applicability and mobility can be hand-held or integrated in automation.


1.Applicable Materials

The laser rust remover can be used to remove rust, paint, oil and oxide film on all metals and some non-metal surfaces, as well as the cleaning of black ash, carbon deposits and oil stains on the surface of parts after welding. For stainless steel and aluminum alloy products and mold processing.

2.Applicable industries

The laser rust remover can be used in the field of aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, marine and shipbuilding, electronic micro-processing, food processing.

Technical Data

Product Name

Mini Small Handheld Portable Metal Rust Laser Remover Cleaner Machine

Model No


Average Laser Power

100 Watts

Power Adjustment Range


Center Wavelength


Polarization Direction


Beam Quality Factor

M <1.5

Spectral Width


Laser Line Width

Line, Two-Dimensional, Ring, Rectangle Progressive Scan , Rectangular Ring, Triangle, Spiral

Pulse Frequency

5kHz ~ 200kHz

Maximum Single

Pulse Energy


Fiber Length

3 Meters

Fiber Minimum

Bending Radius


Laser Output Stability


Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Polarization Direction


Guided Laser Function


Anti-High Reflection Function


Field Lens Model

F160/F210/F254 is optimized according to actual working conditions

Machine Size


Machine Weight

28 kgs

Operation Type

Handheld + Automation

Supply Voltage


Operating Temperature

0°- 40°

Storage Temperature


Whole Consumption




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