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LCD Control Vertical Wall Inkjet Printing Machine China-PE-H30
LCD Control Vertical Wall Inkjet Printing Machine China-PE-H30
LCD Control Vertical Wall Inkjet Printing Machine China

Model: PE-H30

Product Introduction

PE-H30 vertical wall printing machine adopts the latest digital positioning technology and supports printing of super-sized images.

Seamless splicing function:

It can automatically divide the super-sized images into multiple areas for printing, and realize seamless splicing by automatically identifying the starting point, presenting a complete picture.

No matter how big the picture is, Perfect Laser will achieve perfect printing for you!

The following is an introduction to the different forms of printing:

(1) One-time printing: When the height of the picture frame does not exceed 2 meters and the width does not exceed the width of the guide rail, there is no need to perform partition printing, and a perfect picture can be created at one time.

(2) When the width of the frame exceeds 2 meters, use scaffolding to raise the machine, and then perform partition printing, as follows:

(3) When the height of the frame exceeds 2 meters and the width exceeds the width of the machine guide rail, the picture can be divided into multiple areas (4, 6, 9, 16, etc.) for printing, as follows:


When printing in zones, the machine first needs to print the area in the upper left corner (we call it "Area 1"). After printing, the machine completes the positioning mark. Y

ou can select any area next to "Area 1" to print, at this point, the machine can automatically identify the starting point to achieve seamless splicing function.

Product Features

1. The vertical wall printing machine adopts advance digital positioning technology, with static zone calibration for up and down, step calibration for left and right. It can achieve precise positioning and ensure printing quality. It abandons the traditional positioning mode of relying on raster bars and drive racks, avoiding inaccurate positioning and color bar problems caused by component wear or external wind.

2. The wall inkjet printer china adopts Japan imported industrial-grade printing head with protection device. It is equipped with dual sensors, Z-axis automatic induction, the printing head can automatically expand, and always keep a suitable distance with the wall, effectively prevent the printing head from being damaged.

3. The vertical wall printing machine body is equipped with a 12-inch LCD control screen, so not need computer to control, it is very easy to operate and work outside.

4. Touch-type flash printing test of wall inkjet printer china can print a single color with large capacity, to keep the color normal and avoid cross-color.

5. The vertical wall printing machine body have a UPS backup power supply, it can automatic charging and switching when unstable voltage or power failure. The wall printing machine can still work for 10 hours after power failure (when the backup battery is fully charged). So it is very convenient to work anywhere or outdoor.

6. The wall printing machine price supports customized fold-able vertical rack, it is convenient to carry outside.

7. The wall inkjet printer china uses AI intelligent image processing technology to scan and analyze pictures in different formats, match colors, and to control precise ink output.


Applicable Materials

1. Wall Material

Including interior and exterior wall putty wall, latex painted wall, white wall, Imitation porcelain walls, wall clothing, color coating glaze, shell powder, color grain paint, etc.

2.Non-adsorbent Material

glass, ceramic tiles, wood, metals, etc.

Applicable Industries

The wall inkjet printer china is widely used in home decoration, advertising industry, cultural and educational industry, government propaganda, hotel decoration, art experience museum, etc.

Technical Data



Product Name

Single head Wall Inkjet Printing Machine with LCD control


Epson Print Head (Industrial Grade)

Colorful Painting Speed


Main board Configuration

6-core CPU, 2GBDDR Memory

Data Transfer Method


Host Size (L×W×H)


X Axis Guide


Y Axis Guide


Z Axis Guide


X Axis Effective Stroke


Y Axis Effective Stroke


Nozzle Cleaning

One Key Automatic

Z Axis Effective Stroke


Ink Consumption Per Square


Painting Accuracy


Painted mode


Painting Direction


Total Body Weight

39 KGS

Total Track Weight

18.8 KGS

Ink Tank Capacity


Automatic memory


Memory Recovery


Nozzle Buffer


Spray Distance

0.5-2.0 cm

Ink supply method

Automatic ink supply under negative pressure

Integrated Voltage Regulator


Flash Spray Test


Ink Jet Test


Z Axis Automatic


Spirit Level


Ultrasonic Sensor


Atlas Type

External U Disk/Hard Disk

Picture Processing

AI Intelligent Image Processing

Laser Positioning


Magnetic Limit


Battery Life


Power-off Battery Life

About 10 Hours

Automatic White Jump




Power Supply



Power Consumption

No Load 20W, Generally 75W, Up To 250W


Standby <20dBA, drawing <50dBA

Construction Temperature

-10°C - 60°C (14°F - 140°F) 10%-80% Relative Humidity, Non-condensing

Storage Temperature

-30℃ - 60℃-22°F - 140°F10%-80%Relative Humidity, Non-condensing State


Chinese and English (Customizable)

Training Method

VCD Training

Warranty Time

12 Months,Lifetime Upgrade Service




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