Perfect Laser Foldable Vertical Type UV Wall Printer

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Foldable Vertical Type UV Wall Printer-PE-UV30
Foldable Vertical Type UV Wall Printer-PE-UV30
Foldable Vertical Type UV Wall Printer-PE-UV30
Foldable Vertical Type UV Wall Printer

Model: PE-UV30


PE-UV30 UV wall printer is a breakthrough of Perfect Laser on the basis of the original wall printers.

The wall printer china uses special UV ink to print, does not contain volatile solvents, has great progress in light resistance and water resistance. It is fast-drying, stable and environmental-friendly.

Colorful 3D printing brings more realistic visual effects.

Foldable frame design makes the china wall printer easy to carry.

Professional fasteners supports fast assembly and dis-assembly.

Its no need to do splicing or moving the uv wall printer during working.

It is suitable for large-format painting of various indoor and outdoor wall printing.


1. The uv wall printer longitudinal frame can be folded and carried conveniently.

2. The special UV ink of the uv wall printer has the feature of light resistance and water resistance, can be cured instantly without penetrating into the wall, making the colors more vivid.

3. The uv wall printer body is made by special aluminum magnesium alloy, with higher strength, stable structure precision. It adopt integrated chassis with light weight, durable and not easy to deform.

4. The wall printer china adopts imported CNC components and professional manufacturing, ensures better consistency and higher stability of running.

5. This china wall printer adopts brush-less servo motor control system, vector positioning and strip-less grating, can achieve higher accuracy and faster speed of colourful drawing and free of maintenance.

6. Adopts “VSDT variable ink-drop technology” and high fault-tolerant feathering technology, no matter indoor painting or outdoor painting, the wall printer china will show the high quality of vivid color painting.

7. The wall printer china can work normally in 10-45 without freezing or ink missing. The painting wont get fade or fall off, its wear-resistance, green and environmental.

8. The nozzle data of the china wall printer is transmitted by optical fiber, which is faster, has strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and more stable data transmission.

9. The new interrupt map-filling function of the uv wall printer, can automatic remember the breakpoints, automatic restoration of the starting position when power cutting and can continue to work next timewhich can effectively reduce the scrap rate.

10. The china wall printer is equipped with a inner UPS backup power supply to realize automatic charging, automatic switching between voltage instability or power-off. The machine can still work for 10 hours after power-off. (when backup battery full-charged)

11. The uv wall printer adopts USA imported “BANNER” brand sensor, dual sensors, can sense from up and down, arc surface tracking, automatic positioning, automatic adjustment to the uneven wall, tilt wall and other problems, effectively reducing the risk of damage to the printing head.


1. Applicable materials:

The uv wall printer is widely suitable for interior and exterior walls, putty powder wall, latex paint wall, white wall, imitation porcelain wall, diatom mud wall, canvas, tiles, glass, rice paper, wall clothing, color coated glaze, shell powder, color paint and so on.

2. Applicable industries:

The uv wall printer is widely used in home decoration, advertising industry, cultural and educational industry, government propaganda, hotel decoration, art experience museum, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Foldable Vertical Type UV Wall Printer



Actual Print size


(the width can be extended infinitely by adding guide rails)

Equipment Type

Self-guide fasteners, pulleys, rail fasteners

Main chip

US altera4 generation

Nozzle model

Japan import piezoelectric nozzle DX-7 x1


Special UV ink for wall printing, fast-drying,

light resistance and water resistance

Control Method

Computer control

Main-board Configuration

4 core CPU, 128M memory

Data Interface


Crystal Frequency


Curing Method

LED curing light

Drop Size

Minimum 3.5PL, maximum 27PL

Feeding System

Negative pressure automatic feeding, 340 ml ink cartridge



Machine Speed

Production mode: 6 m2/h

Quality model: 4 m2/h

High-precision mode: 3 m2/h

Painted Resolution

360x720dpi 720x720dpi

720x1440dpi 1440x2880dpi

Image Type


Working Environment

Wind below Level 5, 10℃-45℃ without snow


Standby < 20dBA, drawing < 55dBA

Machine Language

English, Chinese






UV wall printer weight: 60 kgs

Weight with wooden box packing: 180 kgs

Package Size