PEDK-8080 Leather Roll-to-roll Laser Engraving Machine

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Leather Roll-to-roll Laser Engraving Machine-PEDK-8080
Leather Roll-to-roll Laser Engraving Machine-PEDK-8080
Leather Roll-to-roll Laser Engraving Machine

Model: PEDK-8080

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser is world leading manufacturer of laser engraving machinery.

The leather laser engraving machine produced by Perfect Laser, adopts advanced slat discharge technology to complete the seal off the laser, and desined a special roll to roll precise feeding system, tension control mechanism and system.

The leather laser engraving machine has the advantages of high power, fine spot, stable output power, simple maintenance, long service life, and roll-to-roll feeding.

It can process semi-wearing, full-wearing, engraving and many processes at the same time, with multi-function control software to respond quickly and in a timely manner.


1. Strong adaptable: The leather laser engraving machine has high power, fine laser spot and long service life.

2. Fast marking: leather laser engraving machine adopt 180 watt metal RF Co2 laser tube, has fast processing speed and fine effect.

3. Large laser scanning range: The diy laser engraving machine can greatly improve the marking speed and range of laser compliance.

4. High productivity: Perfect Laser’s technology is mature and stable, and leather laser engraving machine can operate all day long.

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The leather engraving machine is used in leather products industry such as engraving cloth, shoes, bags, and all kinds of fabrics.

Product Parameters



Product name

Leather engraving machine


CO2 Laser

Laser center wavelength


Laser output power


Laser modulation frequenc


Anti-high-reaction components

With special optical isolator and reflected light absorber to prevent laser reflection damage of gold, silver, copper and other materials

Beam quality


Galvanometer scanning speed


Production line speed


Marking range


Marking line width


Galvanometer scanning positioning accuracy


Galvanometer scanning repeatability


Power supply


Cooling method

Air-cooled, air-cooled, water-cooled

Power supply



DELLINTEL2.0, Chinese WINDOWS operating system, 19-inch LCD monitor, memory 4G, hard drive 500G

Marking software

3DLaser marking software (Chinese version) is compatible with AutoCAD, Coreldraw and other image format files.

Marking of all trhutype fonts and various formats