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Handheld Large Character Inkjet Printer-PM-600C
Handheld Large Character Inkjet Printer-PM-600C
Handheld Large Character Inkjet Printer

Model: PM-600C


PM-600C is a new large character inkjet handheld printer from Perfect Laser. Its compact body makes it easy to print large character information at a height of 5CM. The handheld inkjet coder is widely utilized to mark boxes of identification products, steel plates, wood boards, pipes and large-scale parts.


1. Portability: Unlike the online large-size machine with a print handle, the large character inkjet handheld printer is a true portable hand-held printer with a weight of only 1.5KGs.

2. Reliability: The handheld expiry date printer adopts the mature DOD valve technology in the industry, thus it is easy and convenient to maintain and repair .

3. Wireless communication function: The large character handheld inkjet coder has a built-in blue-tooth communication module, which can be easily connected with the PC of the Windows operating system.

4. Information input and print settings: PC-side control software adopts a full graphical user interface, which makes it easy and clear to edit the printing information and set up printing parameters of the inkjet handheld printer. It ensures that what you view is what you get.

5. Adjust the height of the printed information: According to the point integer selected for the information, the large character handheld expiry date printer can print characters of any height between 1.5cm and 5cm.

6. Running time: The handheld inkjet coder utilizes high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly rechargeable lithium battery. It can work continuously for more than 24 hours after fully charging and can work under charging status.

7. Wireless serial port printing function: The large character inkjet handheld printer has a wireless connection blue-tooth scanner function. It enables the users to instantly print out the bar code content scanned by the scanner.

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1.Applicable materials: this handheld inkjet coder is widely suitable for metal, plastic, wood, stone, carton and building materials.

2.Applicable industries: the handheld expiry date printer is widely applied in packaging and printing, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and other industries.

Technical Data

Hardware Parameter of the Inkjet Handheld Printer

Maximum print height


Number of nozzles


Nozzle diameter


Information capacity

16/48 characters

Maximum number of

characters for single message

150 characters of 7x5 dot matrix or

75 characters of 16x16 dot matrix character

Communication functions

Bluetooth communication (among 8m)

Ink type

Dye or pigment type multi-color inks are available

Cartridge capacity

150ml, 250g ± 5g

Battery specification

16.8V/2100mAH(the machine can work when charging)

Charger specifications

16.8V/1A DC

Environmental conditions

Temperature: 0-45 ° C, humidity: 90% (non-condensing)

Print Content of the Inkjet Handheld Printer

Printed font

English, numbers, Chinese characters or

self-made graphics

Printed character set

ASCII character set, Chinese characters (secondary font)

Double-column bold font

For 16 dots of English or numbers

Variable serial port data

Can communicate with wireless scanners or PCs

Real-time date, clock

(accurate to second), shift

1-8 ascending or descending count encoding

Printing Function of the Inkjet Handheld Printer

Printing direction

Any direction

Printing speed

40 m / min

Supports flipping printing from left to right, upside down printing

The word height and width of the printed information is adjustable.

Information can be edited independently and segmented to achieve line feed printing

of the same piece of information



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