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Online CO2 Laser Marking Printing Machine -PEDB-500A
Online CO2 Laser Marking Printing Machine -PEDB-500A
Online CO2 Laser Marking Printing Machine -PEDB-500A
Online CO2 Laser Marking Printing Machine -PEDB-500A
Online CO2 Laser Marking Printing Machine

Model: PEDB-500A

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser's CO2 laser marking machine is the use of laser technology is more advanced in the world today, a new generation of co2 laser marking system developed. The output of fiber laser, the realization of ultra high speed scanning galvanometer marking system, key components of high life stable devices, with the appearance of new, unique structure, simple operation, high modulation frequency, marking speed, high precision, stable performance and other advantages, the co2 laser printer can be widely used in all kinds of metal and make permanent mark non metal surface.

CO2 laser marking machine is equipped with on-line flying co2 marking machine, Chinese, English and graphic marking. The text has a strong layout and graphic processing function, can automatically generate batch number and serial number.

Product Features

1.Processing speed, marking speed of 8000 millimeters / sec, is 2-3 times the traditional marking machine.

2.Engraving precision: CO2 laser marking machine engraving items, fine lines, minimum line width of up to 0.02mm. The markings are clear, durable and beautiful. CO2 laser marking can meet the needs of printing large quantities of data on minimal plastic parts. For example, we can print two-dimensional barcode with higher precision and higher definition, and have stronger market competitiveness compared with the way of stamping or marking.

3.High quality domestic laser glass tube, stable power, low power consumption, low processing costs, life of up to 30 thousand hours.

4.CO2 laser marking machine can be 24 hours of continuous work, high stability, can ensure the long time marking, the effect does not change.

5.All components integrated into one, compact structure, better performance.

6.Built in a variety of ways marking, The co2 laser printer is fully adapted to different labeling requirements.

7.Compact, easy to move, the co2 marking machine can be used at any site at any time.

8.The printing surface of any regular or irregular, and marking the workpiece does not produce internal stress, ensuring the accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion on the work surface, no "tool" wear, no poison, no pollution.

9.Fully automatic on-line marking of optical fiber, perfect on-line dynamic and static marking, the co2 laser printer is very suitable for different production lines.


Economical Co2 laser marking machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, personal care products, tobacco, food and beverage packaging, wine, dairy products, clothing label, leather, electronic components, building materials, chemical products, metal products and other signs in the field of production and expiry date, batch number, frequency, business name, trademark and logo graphics etc. and text.

CO2 marking machine is suitable for marking various materials, such as paper packing, leather cloth, plastic packing, resin plastic material, bamboo and wood products, coating metal, metal, glass, ceramic and so on.

Technical Data


PEDB-500A co2 laser printer

Laser Output Power





Laser Tube Origin

Made In China

Life Time of Laser Tube

3000 hours

10000 hours

Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Marking Speed


Standard Working Area

110×110 mm

Optional Working Area

70×70mm,175×175mm (Optional)

Marking Depth


Marking Speed


Repeated Accuracy


Laser Wavelength


Minimum Line Width


Power Supply


Machine Power

2 kw



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