Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine

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Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine-  PE-W200D
Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine-  PE-W200D
Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine-  PE-W200D
Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine-  PE-W200D
Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine

Model: PE-W200D

Product Introduction

Industrial automatic mold laser welding machine PE-W200D is easy to be operated and widely used. Powerful function, stable performance without consumables. Mold laser welding machine is with microscope monitoring and operation, it can realize spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, sealing welding and so on for thin-wall materials and fine parts. After welding, it can be etched without affecting the overall effect of the processed object.

High quality welding head, strong endurance, safe and reliable, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. Good efficiency and stability, nice effect for repairing mold, welding speed is four to five times that of manual. The production cost is greatly reduced and the work efficiency is improved.

Product Features

1. Laser mould welding machine the laser head can be rotated 360 degrees, and the overall optical path part can be rotated 360 degrees, which is more convenient for positioning and welding of special-shaped objects.

2. Laser mould welding machine use of a new type of welding, can achieve laser spot welding, butt welding, welding speed, weld quality is very good, positioning is very accurate, the weld is very beautiful.

3. It can achieve multi-mode work, which can be applied to the repair of molds of many materials, and is a very convenient welding technology.

4. User-friendly operating system, easy to learn, users can easily edit welding trajectory, such as: points, lines, arrays, etc.

5. Mold laser welding machine the upper and lower parts of the table are electrically lifted, and the laser beam can be automatically lifted and lowered, which is convenient for fast focusing. More flexibility and stability.

6. Industrial touch screen control system, laser solder joint diameter is only 0.2mm-1.5mm. The heat affected area is small, the oxidation rate is low, and the undesirable phenomena such as pores will not appear, and there will be no deformation.

7. Mold laser welding machine has compact and reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. Easy maintenance, low operating costs.

8. Full digital control mode, to achieve full automatic monitoring of the production process. With good detection system and alarm function, it can effectively avoid the error caused by human factors.


1. Applicable materials

Automatic laser welding machine is suitable for cold working high alloy steel, hot forging high alloy steel, tool steel containing nickel, copper alloy, beryllium copper, high toughness aluminum alloy and other metal materials.

2. Applicable Industries:

Automatic laser welding machine is suitable for precision machinery, hardware industry, auto parts, electronics industry, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Industrial Automatic Mould Laser Welding Machine



Three axis table


Table capacity


Machine battery


Laser type

Nd:YAG pulse xenon lamp

Rotary Device


Spot adjusting range


Peak wavelength


Pulse width


Rated output power


Maximum laser power


Pulse frequency


Laser output focal length


Laser cooling

Water cooling


Microscope(rotate 360º)

Protective gas


Cold water capacity


Wire diameter



Main engine: 1250*580*1200mm

Chiller : 700*500*900mm



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