Perfect Laser egg inkjet printer expiry date time printing machine

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High Quality 1-4 Lines Printing with Convey Belt Eggs Inkjet Printer -PM-500
High Quality 1-4 Lines Printing with Convey Belt Eggs Inkjet Printer -PM-500
High Quality 1-4 Lines Printing with Convey Belt Eggs Inkjet Printer -PM-500
High Quality 1-4 Lines Printing with Convey Belt Eggs Inkjet Printer

Model: PM-500


The automatic eggs inkjet printer is an un-contiguous marking system controlled by single chip which can do time printing on eggs. By controlling inner gear pump or providing compressed gas from machine exterior, expiry date printing machine puts press on the inks in the system, emits inks by way of several dozen UM nozzle.

According to its features, it can also be called time printing,egg date stamp,egg printing machine,egg inkejt printer,egg printer machine,egg printer,expiry date printing machine.

Product Features
1.Ultra high resolution: the expiry date printing machine has 128pcs independent jet, which is more than any other similar products. Pixel can reach 200 dpi, the printed characters are clear and easy-to-read. So the ultra high resolution also make the printed pictures more life-like, and very close to the quality of printing.
2.Clean and easy way of printing.
3. No need external air pump, and the egg printing machine can save the cost of pump and maintenance cost.
4. No need solvent: save cost for consumables.
5. No sound and no irritation: Owing to no air pump and solvent.
6. The egg date stamp speed is stable. The max speed can reach 60 meters per minute (even for multi-line).
7. Able to print dot matrix as well as high resolution font, which make the egg printing machine can meet different customers’ needs.
Automatic Eggs Inkjet Printer/Egg printing machine /Egg printer machine can print on metal, plastic, egg, wood, paper box, glass, etc.
1. Egg printer/Expiry date printing machine uses the most advanced LCD touching screen, full colorful screen, easy to operate.
2. Printi alphabet and number and 1-4 lines for Chinese characters.
3. Printing Speed 2m/s (5* spot lattice)
4. Trigger Mode of Printing Automatic, Photo-electric, coder (synchronizer, meter counter), and photoelectric coder
5. Printing times Several times Printing since once induction
6. Alphabet Lattice4×7,5×5,5×7,7×9,6×12,8×16,9×16,12×16,8×7(for special font edit attached in Appendix III)
7. Numeric Lattice: 4×7,5×5,5×7,7×9,6×12,8×16,9×16,12×16,8×7(for special font edit attached in Appendix III)
8. Chinese character: 12×12,16×16,16×16(running script), 24×24.
9. Edit function: Interplay hybrid, rotate, combination, variety of different fonts, space or bold etc. In 36 spot lattice.
10. Picture edit: Any Logo in 36 spot lattices
11. Bmp downloads capacity 10 Kb in maximum
12. Memorize capacity 40 pieces for printing information and 20 pieces for picture information
13. Length of Information 5000 spot lattices
14. Ink consumes 500ml ink for 60,000,000 spots.
15. Meter counting can print at different length unit
16. 20 numbers of random code can be print
17. Power supply AC220V±20% 50Hz 100VA
18. Spray pipe 2 meters (can be made in order measure)
19. Total weight 48Kg
20. Size 370×270×650mm