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PM-100A 2016 Injet Printer for Packaging Coding Industrial Inkjet Printer

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Wuhan Perfect Laser is a professional batch printing machine manufacturer, non-contact inkjet printing machine, coding printers also called CIJ inkjet printers or industrial printers, this model is PM-100A batch printing machine, not only has more excellent printing quality and more accurate ink drop placement.In addition,the CIJ inkjet printers can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials, tobacco, ceramics, electronics and other industries.

Technical Data

model project


The machine features


Stainless steel 304, processing via the surface

Outline Dimension

height:528MM depth:264MM width:325MM


115V,Applied voltage range85-132Vac,230V,Applied voltage range 170-264Vac.


Nomal:4.48bar, malfunction:6.2bar.

Spray-head size


Printing Distance

small:3.5mm middle:10mm

Spray print lines

1-3 lines, spray 1 line pattern of 34 points higher

,or4 line7points,or 6line 5points characters。

Character Height

  • The minimum1.1mm, the ,maximum 11.2mm, the most24points

Printing functions

Characters bold as many as nine times, with the function of rotation;Spray printing height, width and delay is adjustable automatic shift, date between timely word format;Fixed and variable text, upper and lower case characters, real time clock function, can spray print to seconds;USB design call/spurt the code machine data, parameter backup restore function/software system upgrade;Serial number function, with both hex batch number counting function and counting function, reverse jet printing function, timing information features flexible date and time format options, automatic date calculation function


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