Industrial White Inkjet Printer PM-100C

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Industrial White Inkjet Printer -PM-100C
Industrial White Inkjet Printer -PM-100C
Industrial White Inkjet Printer -PM-100C
Industrial White Inkjet Printer -PM-100C
Industrial White Inkjet Printer

Model: PM-100C

Product Introduction

As the domestic first-class industrial inkjet printing machines manufacturer, Perfect Laser developed this new white inkjet printer PM-100C on the basis of continuous technological innovation.

The white inkjet printer uses advanced ink viscosity automatic control system and the classic ink system gear pump coding technology, and the white inkjet printer has continued the consistent reliable and stable features, we can use a variety of different inks to meet different customer needs. The classic interface of the date coder printer is very easy to learn and significant savings in training costs. And the date coder printer has a one-touch start and stop operations and separate control ink system, it is easy to maintain and reduce the maintenance costs of the batch coder printer.

Product Features

1. The classic printing head and improved ink road design maintain consistent reliability and stability, to maximize avoid unplanned downtime of the batch coder printer.

2. Unique automatic nozzle cleaning function to effectively solve the nozzle blockage and improve the stability of the date coder printer.

3. The batch coder printer is applied in a variety of different printing ink use, including: ordinary ink, high with ink, alcohol-resistant ink, ink penetration, anti-migration of white ink, and other special inks to meet the different needs of customers.

4. Removable Royal nozzle design, the maintenance of this batch coder printer is more convenient and thorough.

5. One-touch start-stop operation and separate control Ink system valves and pumps to achieve more precise control, it it easier to determine the machine fault, shorten the repair time and reduce maintenance costs.

6. The date coder printer adopts advanced ink viscosity automatic control system, the printing effect is more accurate and reliable.

7. The maximum printing lines can up to 5 lines, the highest printing speed of the batch coder printer can up to 384 m/min, which greatly improved work efficiency.

8. The printing characters’ size can be adjusted: the font width and height of the date coder printer all have a suitable range to adjust, and we can also be bold, flipping fonts.


Applied Industries

The industrial inkjet printing machines are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cable, electronics, cosmetic and building materials industries.

Applied Materials

The industrial inkjet printing machines can be used on a variety of material surfaces, such as film, glass, metal, plastic, PE, PVC, paper, wood, rubber, etc.

Technical Data


PM-100C White Inkjet Printer

Printing Lines


Printing Height


Max Printing Speed


Best Printing Distance


Ink Color

Standard : White

Optional : Yellow

Ink Viscosity Control System







200-240VAC 50/60HZ 120W

Chassis Dimension


Data Input

Rs232/UBS export/entry.

Optional Parts

Alarm lights, light eyes, base, encoder etc




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