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PM-200 Date Numbers Wire Bag Bottle/Box Packging Industrial Inkjet Printer

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Perfect Laser, an excellent reputation, is a world-renowned manufacturer of continuous inkjet printers. Adhering to the principle of customer satisfaction and customer supremacy, we present a continuous inkjet printer model PM-200. This box packaging continuous inkjet printer is suitable for any plane or curved surface, and different models can be printed differently rows. Once launched, this section won the favor of Chinese and foreign customers.


1. The box packaging continuous inkjet printer can print out permanent and clear numbers, letters, barcodes and patterns on the surface of the item very accurately.

2. The continuous inkjet printer has a fast print speed: the fastest can print 2000 characters/second or 45 meters/minute.

3. The number of printing lines can be adjusted: the number of printing lines of the continuous inkjet printer can be adjusted in 1-5 lines, and can be arbitrarily matched.

4. The range of printable materials includes, but is not limited to, plastic, wood, glass, rubber, metal, and paper.

5. You can directly input or modify the required number, text, pattern, line number and other information in the computer or editing panel. If you want to print the information, you can complete it by pressing a few keys.


The continuous inkjet printer uses fast-drying ink for excellent adhesion and is suitable for a variety of materials.

It is widely used in food packaging, advertising, and building materials industries. The main uses are paper printing, food packaging and printing, various flyer printing, and ceramic printing.

Technical Data
Machine Type
Inkjet Printer
Model Number
Print Lines
1-4 Lines
1-5 Lines
1-6 Lines
Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Print Height
1-15mm (Adjustable)
Print Distance
Print Speed
In Chinese & English, With Editing Function
Store Information
40 pcs of Jet Printing Information
Jet Ink Available
Black, blue, Red and Other Color Ink
Font Widened
1~9 Times
Print Content
Numbers, Chinese Character, Letter, Logo, Serial Numbers, Random Numbers etc. With in 32×2560pixel.
Fixed Length Print Function
Any Unit, Any Length.

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