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PE-CUT-B1 B2 Perfect Laser Cantilever Type Plasma Cutting Machine for stainless steel metal signs

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Product Description

Cantilever CNC cutting machine is a thermal cutting equipment, combined with computer control, precision mechanical transmission, oxygen and gas (propane or acetylene) cutting these three kinds of technology, with high efficiency, high precision and high reliability.

The cutting line width is 1650 mm, longitudinal cutting length is 3500 mm, the longitudinal trajectory can be set up, also can adjust the height, small volume, high mobility and flexibility, you can install multiple cutting and scribing tools, widely used In the construction machinery, sheet metal processing, agricultural machinery and other heavy industries.


1.Chinese or English interface control system: the operation is simple and convenient, can be cut into CAD graphics operation, automatic sorting, slotting compensation, simple nesting, without programming, simple and practical, quick to get start.

2.High precision movement: the walking part using gearless rack and pinion drive, the motor drive using advanced technology in Germany, vertical rails imported from Taiwan linear guide, to ensure high precision machine, stable operation;

3.Machine durable: use of special aluminum alloy section of the machine beam, high rigid, light weight, easy to move, long-term use without deformation. Can be placed directly on the steel plate to operate.

4.Optional Cutting mode: single flame cutting, single plasma cutting or flame plasma dual-use cutting.

5.Perfect after-sales service: after-sales team with more than 20 people, 24 hours for you to solve the various problems of the machine, the standard after-sales process, free video of operation and maintenance, let you to use it without any worry.


Perfect Laser provide the most efficient and most suitable plasma CNC cutting machine for you, it widely used in a variety of carbon material cutting, low carbon steel cutting, non-ferrous metal precision sheet metal cutting.

Technical Data

Rail distance(mm)


Rail length(mm)


Effective cutting widthmm


Effective cutting lengthmm


Speed rangemm/min


Transverse longitudinal drive system

Stepper motor

Number of torch systemsgroups

Single flame or plasmacan be added

Flame cutting thickness


Plasma cutting thickness

Determined by the user selected plasma power

Flame cutting gas

Oxygen+Acetylene/Propane/Natural gas/Coal gas

Control systemPermanent free upgrade

Beijing START 2012AH

Plasma source

Domestic or imported (optional)


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