Perfect Laser Industrial Plasma Metal Cutter for Stainless Steel Heavy PE-CUT-A4

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Perfect Laser Industrial Plasma Metal Cutter for Stainless Steel Heavy -PE-CUT-A4
Perfect Laser Industrial Plasma Metal Cutter for Stainless Steel Heavy -PE-CUT-A4
Perfect Laser Industrial Plasma Metal Cutter for Stainless Steel Heavy

Model: PE-CUT-A4

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser launched Gantry Type CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machine, it is a good automation model.

This Gantry Type CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Machine is combined with the accumulation of many years experience in cutting machine. Cutting mode can be equipped with single flame cutting, single plasma cutting or flame plasma cutting.

Driven by both sides, the machine runs smoothly, beautiful appearance, strong interchangeability of machine parts. Widely used in many kinds of carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel sheet metal material, shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery, chemical equipment and other industries.

Product Features

1.The machine no deformation for a long time: Phase structure beams, good rigidity, high precision, small inertia, all the welding parts adopt the annealing and the vibration aging treatment, which can effectively prevent the structural deformation and ensure the durable use.

2.Standard machine movement: Bilateral drive, precision rack and pinion (7 degree of precision) transmission, the lateral guide rail line imported from Taiwan. Longitudinal guide with precision machining characteristics of steel, with the German original imported planetary gear reducer and Japan imported Panasonic servo motor to ensure smooth operation of cutting machine, high cutting precision.

3.Powerful software system: Chinese and English interface, moving point automatic tracking, USB socket, can support file U disk transmission and site manually written G code, NC programming is simple and convenient.

4.Longitudinal drive frame :The two ends are provided with a horizontal guide wheel, which can adjust the degree of compression of the eccentric wheel guide rail at the bottom of the driving frame, so that the whole machine can keep stable guide in the movement.


Applicable materials

Profile iron and steel, manganese steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metal(Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel)and large, medium, small plates of metal materials.

Applicable industries

Shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery, petrochemical industry, Power equipment, boiler manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing.

Technical Data

Rail distance(mm)


Rail length(mm)


Effective cutting widthmm


Effective cutting lengthmm


Speed rangemm/min


Transverse longitudinal drive system

Japan Panasonic servo motor

Number of torch systemsgroups

22 groups of flames, 2 groups of plasma or 1 groups of flames and 1 groups of plasma)

Flame cutting thickness


Plasma cutting thickness

Determined by the user selected plasma power

Automatic height adjustment system set

Automatic height adjustment system of Arc Voltage


Automatic height adjustment system of capacitor


Automatic ignition / arc starting device


Flame cutting gas

Oxygen+Acetylene/Propane/Natural gas/Coal gas

Control systemPermanent free upgrade

Beijing START/Shanghai Jiaotong University/Hypertherm etc.,Optional

Plasma source

Hypertherm/Kjellberg/Thermadyne etc.,Optional



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