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PM-900 Fully-Automatic High Resolution Expiry Date QR Code Logo Numbers Inkjet Printer on Cable Paper Package

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Product description

Perfect Laser is a professional ink printer manufacturer, offering best printer equipment, first-class technology, perfect service.

In order to meet the needs of the market, Perfect Laser recently developed a ink printer named Fully-Automatic High Resolution Inkjet Printer. Different from the dot matrix ink printer, based on HP printing technology, we successfully developed of the touch screen high-resolution ink printer. This ink printer can control 1-8 print heads at the same time, with high resolution and high print speed characteristics, widely used in a variety of production lines to print two-dimensional code, text, batch number, date, cycle, pictures and other information. Once launched, thr ink printer has been widely praised by new and old customers both at home and abroad.


Ink printer Printing material: Corrugated paper, coated cartons, flexible packaging, rigid plastic, cartons and liquid containers.

Ink printer application areas: Food packaging, beverage packaging, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical and building materials.

Product features

1.This inkjet printing machine with 7-inch touch screen operation interface: simple appearance, easy to operate.

2.This inkjet printing machine can support quickly identify one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code printing.

3.The inkjet printing machine 's nozzles can be adjusted to increase the printing height: single head spray printing height 12.7mm, you can increase the number of nozzles, improve inkjet printing height.

4.The inkjet printing unit is diversified: The ink printer system can support multiple printing units, can be customized according to customer needs.

5.The inkjet printing machine with strong adaptability:Able to adapt to various leaflets and roll paper feeding platforms.

6.The inkjet printing bar code can meet the national drug regulatory code standard.

7.Import of environmental protection ink:the application of drug and food requirements.

8.Dedicated centralized ink supply system: The ink can be added without stopping, saving time and labor, improving the printing quality and the production efficiency at the same time.

9.Intelligent control inkjet printing ink software: Inkjet printing software is equipped with intelligent management control function, saving in later period.

10.System full English interface, simple operation.

11.Full metal jacket: beautiful industrial design makes ink printer whole body more solid and the machine runs more stably.

12.Can be combined numbers, Chinese characters, english arbitrary according to customer demand.

13.HP Independent Penma: HP independent Penma nozzle, maintenance-free.

14.The inkjet printing system is equipped with the detection function with the database of drug regulatory code to eliminate mistakes from the source.

Technical Data


High Resolution inkjet Printer PM-900

Printing system

HP 2.5

Printing height

12.7 mm


38M/MIN 600*600DPI 76M/MIN 600*300DPI


Ethernet port / USB


7 inch touch screen

Print type

Text, batch, date, database, picture, bar code, two-dimensional code

Power supply

110-220VAC 50/60Hz


Analog speed print & simulated eye print

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