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PM-900B Multi-function Variable Data High Definition Inkjet Printer

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Product Description

Perfect Laser manufactures best inkjet multifunction printer, committed to offering coding and marking solutions for date coding, barcoding, and product identification.

For this model inkjet batch coding machine, Users can run up to 24 pcs printheads from a single touchscreen controller to maximize efficiency if needed. The system of the barcode printing machine is capable of running oil-based or solvent-based inks to print up to 300 * 150 DPI at 304m/min on a variety of substrates.

Product Features

1. This best inkjet multifunction printer using HP Thermal Foaming Inkjet Technology, multi group cascade technology, supporting 24 sets of nozzles at most for 12 inches wide print. And each single nozzel width of the best inkjet multifunction printer is about 0.5 inches.

2. Seamless splicing between the nozzles, and the stitching accuracy of the inkjet batch coding machine can be set up by the software.

3. Water ink, latent ink, fluorescent ink, solvent ink and various HP certified inks are available.

4. The barcode printing machine is supporting high definition dot matrix font, print resolution up to 600 * 600 DPI, clear effect.

5. Printable text, digital class variable data, each type of one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, etc.

6. The printing speed of the inkjet batch coding machine is up to 304 M / min (300 * 150 DPI).

7. The substrate of the date printing machine is diverse, including a variety of water absorbing materials, coated paper, offset paper and other materials.

8. Software of the inkjet batch coding machine has the function of anti duplication: Automatic identification of printed database.

9. Real-time data printing machine function: After receiving the external transmission data, the software of the date printing machine can print the data in real time according to the received confidence.

11. Text rotation printing function of the inkjet batch coding machine: When customers need to print text information which need rotate in a certain angle, you can set the appropriate angle in the text properties.

12. Complementary number printing function of the best inkjet multifunction printer: When the customer encounters a damaged number in the process of coding, you can complement information added to the make up list to print, reducing the number of manual re-generate a File re-edit.


This best inkjet multifunction printer can print complex graphics, each type of one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, and large format variable data. Customers mainly for printing plants, Bill manufacturers. The specific industry applications are as follows:

Packaging industry (carton, carton printing, variable bar code, date, LOGO, etc.)

Paper industry (in the express list, bill printing variable bar code, serial number and so on)

The label industry (on the label printing variable bar code, serial number and so on)

Technical Date


PM-900B Inkjet Batch Coding Machine


230mm *180 mm * 53 mm

Maximum print size

1~24 nozzles; 0.5 inches / head


< 6kg


RS232C (DB9) Central ink supply

100M Ethernet / PC 1000M Ethernet


Jet printing accuracy (supported maximum printing speed)

600×600dpi30 m/minute

600×300dpi60 m/minute

600×200dpi90 m/minute

600×150dpi120 m/minute

300×600dpi30 m/minute

300×300dpi60 m/minute

300×200dpi90 m/minute

300×150dpi120 m/minute

300×600dpi high speed60 m/minute

300×300dpihigh speed120 m/minute

300×200dpihigh speed180 m/minute

300×150dpihigh speed304 m/minute

Ink supply system

Special ink box, big ink bag and central ink supply system


Support a variety of external sensors (NPN type, contact type)


300PPI Synchronizer

Power supply requirements

Single-phase110-120VAC 50/60Hz 3.2A

Single-phase220-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.6A

Work environment

Temperature 10℃35℃Humidity 10%80%

Storage environment

Temperature-15℃85℃Humidity 5%95%No condensing environment (cartridge)

Software technical parameters (standard font library, general serial number production software, basic bar code control software)

Operating system

Win7 Operating system (Professional Edition), other systems need special instructions

Static object

Static text, pictures, static bar code

Dynamic object

Dynamic text, counter, date, dynamic bar code, (dynamic bitmap, customized)

Barcode Type

One-dimensional: EAN128Code25Code39Code93Code128GS1Databar and other one-dimensional codes

Two-dimensional: PDF417, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, QR-code and other two-dimensional code.

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