PM-700 Highest Rated Expiry Date Carton Egg Jet Printer

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Highest Rated Expiry Date Carton Egg Jet Printer-PM-700
Highest Rated Expiry Date Carton Egg Jet Printer-PM-700
Highest Rated Expiry Date Carton Egg Jet Printer

Model: PM-700

Product Introduction

Developed by Perfect Laser and a well-known research team from Taiwan, high Tech Expiry Date Egg Jet Printer is a new technology product, which is specially designed for printing words or numbers on eggs. The ink cartridge used in this carton printing machine has the advantages of lower cost and long service life. The fast inkjet printer adopts the design of sleigh-style guide bar to enable the printing head to print quickly under the moving environment. The highest rated inkjet printers are suitable for many kinds of eggs, including ordinary eggs, preserved eggs, salted eggs and so on, and just need to put the whole plate eggs on it. The egg jet printer can print products with high efficiency, high precision, intelligence and convenience. In addition to having such superior performance, the egg jet printer also uses a simple drag-type operation, easy to operate and use.

Product Features

1.The printing head of the carton printing machine can move up and down along the tip of eggs in the moving environment and print quickly without touching the eggs;

2.Software and hardware are both developed by a well-known research team from Taiwan and the ink cartridge is made of domestic wafer, which is maintenance-free and has good quality;

3.This fast inkjet printer adopts multiple printing heads, which can be used for egg carton in the same time, reducing the operation cost and improving the operating speed greatly;

4.Achieve 600DPID printing accuracy and accurate control, ensuring that the exact coding position of the carton printing machine;

5.The operating system of the highest rated inkjet printers is mature after testing, the interface is stable;

6.Easy to disassemble and can automatic or manual cleaning;

7.Software and hardware of this egg jet printer both use drag-type operating mode, which is easy to operate and use;

8.Configuration quality is good, with a longer useful life.


Egg products

Eggs, salted eggs, preserved eggs and so on

Food and Drink

Various types of beverage bottles, food packaging and so on

Daily supplies

Cosmetics, medicines, daily necessities, packaging and so on


Coding print on cardboard, gift box packaging and so on

Technical Data

Product name

PM-700 Egg Jet Printer

Power Demand

AC 90-220V,50/60 HZ

Printing word high


Printing word high and lines

2mm/4 lines

4mm/2 lines

9mm/1 line

Printing image format

1 bit Bitmap format

Vertical resolution


Printing speed (the moving speed of eggs on the conveyor belt)


Software function

Chinese / English words, instant time / date printing, water lot printing, graphics printing

Control interface

7 inch capacitive touch screen



The height if machine


The ink cartridges

Wrapped design, containing edible ink volume 35ML, can print 6,000,000 piece of 2mm height words

Color of the ink

Pink, red, green, purple

The printing head

The design of Sleigh-style guide rod , 600DPID printing accuracy

Printing output

Single cartridge module: 36000 / hour

Dual ink cartridge module: 54000 / hour

Six cartridge module: 110000 / hour

Printed content

Fifteen kinds of Chinese fonts and other English fonts

Be applicable

Eggs, preserved eggs, salted eggs and other eggs products




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