Perfect Laser stone 3D CNC router engraving machine for stone marble granite tombstone

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CNC Router for Stone Marble Granite Tombstone- PE-1325C
CNC Router for Stone Marble Granite Tombstone- PE-1325C
CNC Router for Stone Marble Granite Tombstone- PE-1325C
CNC Router for Stone Marble Granite Tombstone

Model: PE-1325C

Product Introduction

1.The stone engraving machine adopt overall body cast iron beds, and secondary tempering precision machining; widen and thicken beams and columns design,can carve 15mm natural marble with one knife.
2.The marble engraving machine device with automatic water system and tank design, to ensure that longer use of the tools.
3.The granite engraving machine uses water-proof design, to ensure the transmission parts and circuit parts are durable and safe.
4.The stone engraving machine spindle motor frequency spindle high power water-cooled, water-proof design.
5.To work long hours, which can realize power, breakpoints, and the next processing, convenient and save labor. Adopts the break-point memory method, guarantee processing under the condition of accident (cutting knife), or the next day.
6.High speed machining: high kinetic energy, Y axis double motor drive, curve, straight line speed. Unique save way of multiple work-piece machining zero .


Suitable industries

Billboards, model industry,electronics and electric appliances, decoration industry, toys and gifts, furniture manufacturing, etc.

Available materials

Stone, marble, granite, tombstone, acrylic, double color boards, plastic, wood, ABS, PVC, MDF, PCB, copper, aluminum and various non-ferrous metals.

It is also called stone engraving machine,marble engraving machine,granite engraving machine,tombstone engraving machine,engraving stone,3D engraving machine,3D CNC router engraving machine.

Technical Data



Working area


Machine volume


Main axle power rate


Main axle rotating speed

6000-24000 rpm/min

Max.working speed


Feeding height


Engraving tools


Re-positioning accuracy


Supported file format



AC220V(380V)/50HZ (optional:AC110V/60HZ )


1600 kg



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