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Date/ Numbers/Wire/Plastic Bag/ Expiry Date Inkjet Printer- PM-300
Date/ Numbers/Wire/Plastic Bag/ Expiry Date Inkjet Printer- PM-300
Date/ Numbers/Wire/Plastic Bag/ Expiry Date Inkjet Printer- PM-300
Date/ Numbers/Wire/Plastic Bag/ Expiry Date Inkjet Printer

Model: PM-300


Perfect Laser is a skilled and experienced batch coding machine manufacturer. Now it produces a batch code machine PM-300 to meet the diverse needs of different customers. The batch code machine can be connected to the computer to accurately print the required bar codes, numbers, text and graphics. And this batch code coding machine printing effect is very good, strong adhesion and can be printed on any plane and surface.

Due to the batch code machine's various applications, it also can be called inkjet batch coding machine,inkjet batch coding machine,inkjet coding printer,coding and marking,marking and coding printers,industrial marking system.

Product Features

1.The batch coding machine strictly selects the best quality accessories from all over the world. If the power supply of the machine is provided by China Aviation, the touch screen is manufactured by Hitachi, the pump is imported from Germany, the electronic chip is supplied by Phillips, and the pipeline is imported from Switzerland.
2.The batch coding machine adopts humanized design. Such as English and Chinese intertext,can download BMP from computer, one-touch stop / start, automatic diagnosis of failureautomatic nozzle cleaning and other functions.
3. Support the coding and marking of the production line or conveyor belt to achieve online flight printing.
4. Clear and permanent printing: It supports accurate printing of numbers, texts, patterns and bar codes required by customers.
5. Fast print speed and adjustable character size and number of lines.


1. Beverage and brewing industry: all kinds of bottled, canned drinks, alcohol, pulp, vinegar, etc.

2. Building materials industry: all kinds of plates, including all kinds of density board, blockboard, solid wood board, aluminum buckle board, asbestos board, wooden floor and so on.

3. Pipe profiles (extruded products): including PVC pipe, PVC trunking, PPR pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, aluminum, steel pipe, aluminum coil and so on.

4. Daily necessities, toys, daily chemicals, chemical industry: such as cosmetics, toiletries and other daily chemical products, stationery, industrial oil products, advanced chemical products.

Technical Data

Machine Type

Inkjet Printer

Model Number




Print Lines

1-4 Lines

1-5 Lines

1-6 Lines


Colorful LCD Touching Screen

Colorful LCD Touching Screen

Colorful LCD Touching Screen

Print Height

1-15mm (Adjustable)

Print Distance


Print Speed



In Chinese & English, With Editing Function

Store Information

40 pcs of Jet Printing Information

Jet Ink Available

Black, blue, Red and Other Color Ink

Font Widened

1~9 Times

Print Content

Numbers, Chinese Character, Letter, Logo, Serial Numbers, Random Numbers etc. With in 32×2560pixel.

Fixed Length Print Function

Any Unit, Any Length.