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 Series 3D Crystal Laser Engraver-PE-DP-C1
 Series 3D Crystal Laser Engraver-PE-DP-C1
 Series 3D Crystal Laser Engraver-PE-DP-C1
 Series 3D Crystal Laser Engraver-PE-DP-C1
Series 3D Crystal Laser Engraver

Model: PE-DP-C1


Perfect Laser 3D laser crystal engraving machine is used to engrave 2D or 3D design inside of acrylic, crystal, glass, and other transparent material. 3D laser crystal engraving machine can carve 2D or 3D hand or footprints, portrait, trophy and other personalized souvenirs. The 3D laser crystal engraving machine also can be used for mass production of 2D or 3D plants, animal, cars, buildings and other model products and 3D scenes show. It also can be called laser crystal engraving machine, 3D portrait engraving, trophy engraving machine.

By adding a 3D camera to take the 3D portraits on the human body, and through the laser inner carving technology make beam dots inside of crystal, the 3D laser crystal engraving machine can create many dots to form a 3D human images.


1.Equipment with special designed high power diode pump laser, 3D laser crystal engraving machine have inside laser engraving and material surface engraving function. Carving technology is a world leading level.

2.Using pulse laser power constant technology, the use of special laser mode greatly improve the quality of laser engraving.

3.The automatic laser positioning system is configured so that the 3D laser crystal engraving machine can track the optical path. And a high-precision motion control system is adopted to ensure the high-quality engraving operation of the finished product.

4.The equipment adopts the modular equipment. 3D laser crystal engraving machine is easy to maintain, the laser collimation technology and closed control system can be 24 hours of continuous operation.

5.We kept improving the image processing technology, and make lifelike carving products and an unprecedented engraving effect.

6.The first image sculpture “zero width” splicing technology, can make a wide range of joining together without any trace of carving.

7.Adopt humanized system, with "one-click" control sculpture to complete all the work functions to reduce the loss caused by manual operation errors.

8.The equipment can be plugged and used without special installation, so it is convenient to replace the job site at any time.

9.Zero width” sculpture of splicing technology makes range up to 120*120*100 mm, meet the demand of personalized customization carving.

10.Inside crystal carving and material surface text’s speed is extremely high.

11.Suitable for any crystal materials carving and the surface of various materials logo engraving.


3D laser crystal engraving machine is widely used in hotel, tourism, photographic studio, advertising, gallery and other consumption activities industry, urban scenic spots, photo print shops, wedding photo, tourist souvenir and personalized gift shop and other forms of consumption and temporary activity places.

Suitable Materials:crystal, glass, acrylic, decoration materials and other apparent materials.

Technical Data




YAG Diode Pump

Average Life Ld

>20000 Hours

Max Frequency


Max Engraving Area

100 x 100 x 100mm

Focal Length(standard)




Max Speed

5000 PIONTS / Second

Repeat Offsite




100V-120V /50Hz ;

200v - 240V /60Hz

Net Weight



Air cooling


Less dust and shock, Temperature 10-35°C, humidity < 85%

File Format


Applicable Mate

All transparent material, Glass,Crystal, PMMA, etc.

Package Size

1010 x1010x 940mm

Machine Size

550 x 650 x 850mm




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