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 Fantastic Large-format Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine- PE-DP-0812
 Fantastic Large-format Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine- PE-DP-0812
Fantastic Large-format Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine

Model: PE-DP-0812

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser is a company which commits in research, marketing, production, training and after-sales service. Large-format laser subsurface engraving machine we produced is specially designed for mass 3D crystal laser engraving with innovation design in the field of machining.

Large-format processing platform, high processing efficiency, 50% lower of carving time and full automatic batch processing procedures make it possible to carve 2D or 3D stereo exquisite patterns in large-format common glass, ultra white glass, artificial crystal inside. 3D photo crystal laser engraving machine accepts digital processing mode of production and this bring more environmental, energy saving , efficient, and safe production technology.

Perfect Laser has a professional R&D sales team that can accurately grasp the market dynamics. The crystal laser engraving machine it researches and develops receive a number of patents, winning the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers at home and abroad. The large-format 3D crystal laser engraving machine model PE-DP-0812 is a 3D engraving machine designed by Perfect Laser for innovative design and processing. The crystal laser engraving can batch process portraits, hands or footprints, trophies, buildings and landscape patterns, etc. The 3D crystal laser engraving machine is widely used in glass furniture decoration, large-format wedding photos and other industries.

Product Features

1.Device adapted to wide processing forms, large processing format, high speed, suitable for mass processing.

2.The equipment can do deep emboss, cutting, punching, play sand, etc. Deep emboss effect and without any damages to glass.

3.Dazzle and colorful glass adornment effect, large-format glass can reflect plane, solid, the detail can reach level of pictorial, combined with electronic technology, lighting, rich variety and glamorous visual effect.

4.There isn’t any pollution during product production process, no dust, no poison gas, no water and chemicals, true zero pollution.

5.In large industrial processing equipment, laser subsurface engraving technology belongs to minimum energy consumption, the power consumption is about 2 degrees per hour.

6.As a non-contact processing equipment, It has no contact with processed products. Only the device itself a small amount of friction in the process of movement, so the whole equipment loss is very low, a device can work for more than 10 years in a standard environment , low energy consumption, long lifetime.

7.Artificial cost is very low, depending on the size of the processed products.

one or two people can manage more than 5 devices at the same time, very easy for management.

8.Large-format laser engraving machine with gas floating device, it can easily and freely move various size of glass, not scratch glass surface at the same time, convenient operation.

9.The image processing technology keeps improving and make lifelike carving products and an unprecedented engraving effect.

10.Use imported lens, engrave glass within 800*1200*150mm range.

11.Automatic laser positioning system, light path without maintenance, high precision motion control system to ensure high quality engraving operation of finished product.

12.The 3D crystal laser engraving machine is equipped with “one-click” to control the function of the sculpture to complete all the work, to a great extent to avoid the loss caused by human error.
13.The equipment adopts modular equipment , easy to maintain.

14. There are no special installation requirements for the equipment, plug and play, easy to replace the workplace.


Suitable Materials: crystal, glass, acrylic, decoration materials and other apparent materials.

Applicable Industry: 3D photo crystal laser engraving machine is widely used in tourism, hotel, photographic studio, gallery and advertising and other consumption activities industry.

3D photo crystal laser engraving machine is applicable for advertising light box signs, enterprise culture show, glass decoration process, vitreous furniture decoration, personalized decorative glass, large-format wedding photos and religion crafts, etc. If accompanied by LED lighting, it will present a magical and elegant, new way of artistic expression to meet your individual needs.

Technical Data




Semiconductor pump , laser 532mm

Semiconductor life


Maximum processing range


Carving distance


Engraving range


Fastest carving speed




Batches processing


Three axis screw precision


Repeat positioning accuracy


Total power


Cooling type

Air cooling

Environmental temperature


Environmental humidity



Clean, no corrosive gas

Control system

Windows XPwin7 32bit

Voltage and current


Power grid volatility


Power frequency




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