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Auto Channel Letter Bender for Trim Cap Aluminum Letters-PEL-800
Auto Channel Letter Bender for Trim Cap Aluminum Letters-PEL-800
Auto Channel Letter Bender for Trim Cap Aluminum Letters-PEL-800
Auto Channel Letter Bender for Trim Cap Aluminum Letters-PEL-800
Auto Channel Letter Bender for Trim Cap Aluminum Letters

Model: PEL-800

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser, a world leading manufcturer for auto bender machine.

Our PEL-800 auto bender machine is equipped with notching and flanging mold developed based on our PEL-800 automatic super letter bending machine.

The auto bender machine is of high accuracy bending with the more bending bar system and quick-change bending mold system.

The auto bender machine has all functions of traditional model, and auto bender machine also can make notching and flanging automatically for flat aluminum coil.

The type of aluminum brake bender is the high-end bending equipment for the first selection, especially suitable for the high letters (usually found in square and plaza), stainless steel letters, punching letters, resin letters and giant glowing letters, ect.

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Product Features

1. Servo motor control notching and flagging mechanism, aluminum brake bender uses servo motor to control notching mechanism with characters of smaller size, higher speed, more stable property, no oil contamination and lower noise.

2. V-shaped slotting mode

The aluminum brake bender controls slot depth intelligently and sets total slot depth, single slot depth and slot numbers; servo motor control and high precision nut driver have advantages of high slot speed, high accuracy and constant torque; V slotting surface is smooth and don’t have any burr. Depth is consistent. The R angle id not obvious when bending, which ensures the outline of letters clear and beautiful.

3. Closed loop control system

All Perfect Laser's channel letter bender price is strictly checked by authorities and the channel letter bender notching all have material tracking system. It can real-timely monitor any material stretching and slipping during bending, which ensures closed-loop control of material length and precise match of bent letter and panel face letter.

4. Telescoping double bending bars mechanism

The core of the bending machine is arc shape effect. Perfect Laser automatic channel letter bending machine uses servo control, high rigid gear transmission, telescoping double bending bars, bending mold quick change system, which has advantages of large bending torque, small interference area and no scratch surface. Besides, it fits in with all kinds of material thickness. It is suitable for high-precision and high-strength industrial signs processing.

Product Advantages

1.Unique bending type of telescopic alternative bending--it greatly reduces the bending scratch, avoids interference in the bending process and substantially increases the bending torque, which ensures high-precision bending.

2.High precision--it is equipped with closed loop testing device for testing feed length inside, assuring the total length deviation bending less than 0.1mm between the product and original document and also assuring the consistency of manufacturing the same document repetitively.

3.High degree of forming--the coincidence degree reaches as high as 98% with the panel cut by other sorts of precise equipment.

4.Low slotting cost--it uses Germany imported high hardness special stainless steel slotting tool whose using cost is low at RMB0.02 per groove.

5.The unique alternating clamp feeding way features the feeding speed, high accuracy, no indentation, etc.

6.The aluminum brake bender controls the depth of groove by numerical control axis and meets the needs of different materials and slot thickness.

7.The aluminum brake bender uses servo motor for notching function with high speed, pneumatic flanging for right angle and no burr with notching.

8.Intelligent compensation for bending rebound--it is equipped with intelligent compensation system by Perfect Laser based on their several years of P&D experience. Due to this system, it can assure forming precision for all kind of materials.

9.Intelligent bending process--it can reduce interference and collision in bending process by the intelligent inspection system.

10.Lifelong free update of operating software.

11.Processional, high-efficient and considerate service.


Applicable Materials

Aluminum tape bending, stainless steel tape bending, iron tape bending, galvanized steel tape bending, etc.

Applicable Industries

Advertising industry, such as logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising and other advertising production.

Techinical Data

Power supply




Compressed air


Control axis quantity


Min. Bending radius


Min. Distance between interior angle and exterior angle


Bending distance from start


Applied material

Stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum coil

Material thickness


Processing height

Stainless steel, galvanized sheet20-175mm);aluminum coil50-175mm

Material feeding method

Alternating double screw rails feeding

Notching type

Controlled by servo motor

Notching angle


Flanging type

Pneumatic flanging for right angle

Flanging width


Servo motor


Step motor






Software support

DXF/PLT files input, support CAD, TYPE3, CRELDRAW, ILLUSTRATOR, ect.




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