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UV Hybrid Roll To Roll & Flatbed Printer-PE-1810T
UV Hybrid Roll To Roll & Flatbed Printer-PE-1810T
UV Hybrid Roll To Roll & Flatbed Printer

Model: PE-1810T

Product Introduction

PE-1810T hybrid uv printer adopts 3-8 pcs gray level RICOH G5 internal heating industrial micro-piezo printing nozzles, the number of nozzles can be changed according to demand.

The printing speed of this uv printer roll to roll is up to 50m2/h (4 PASS) and the printing precision is 600x2400 dpi.

This hybrid uv printer can print both hard flatbed sheet and soft roll to roll materials. It’s a super-fast hybrid uv printer special designed for the advertising industry.

The uv roll to roll printer adopts Japanese imported Panasonic 3-axis integrated servo motor, imported silver linear silent guide rail, US imported water-cooled LED UV lamp, German imported ONYX RIP software (genuine) and an independent negative pressure system for white color.

Product Features

1. One hybrid uv printer with dual-usages

a. This uv printer roll to roll can printing both hard flatbed sheet and soft roll-to-roll materials.

b. The roll to roll printing function of this hybrid uv printer adopts constant tension control system to ensure stable and reliable stepping accuracy.

c. The rigid plate printing of this uv roll to roll printer uses a positioning device to make the installation of print sheet more precise.

d. The belt correction system of this uv printer roll to roll, ensures the guides always runs in the same position. It can operate 24 hours continuously without any downtime.

2. Multi-function

a. This hybrid uv printer adopts constant pressure adsorption platform control technology, can effectively prevent material shaking.

b. The uv roll to roll printer has material height automatic measurement function.

c. It has anti-collision function.

d. The ink cartridge adopts double negative pressure system, white ink / color ink independent control, to make sure the hybrid uv printer works constantly.

e. It adopts multiple emergency switches to ensure user and equipment safety.

3. More practical functions

a. The uv printer roll to roll has an automatic blank-parts-jump printing function, can automatically recognize and avoid blank parts in the screen, significantly improving the working efficiency.

b. The irradiation power of two UV lamps can be set, and the two-way printing can be automatically rotated according to the round-trip direction. It can effectively reduce the PASS channels.

c. It has powerful printing nozzle compensation function, any normal nozzle can replace the faulty nozzle to ensure no white or PASS channel problems.

d. The uv roll to roll printer adopts intelligent and user-friendly RIP software, different screens can be output after over-lapping, which greatly facilitates the daily proofing and color correction work and the drawing efficiency is greatly improved.

e. The optional software template printing technology of this uv printer roll to roll solves the error problem of splicing, the splicing error is less than 0.5mm.


Hard materials

This hybrid uv printer is suitable for glass, acrylic, wood, metal, PVC, corrugated, reflective, etc.;

Soft materials

The uv roll to roll printer is widely used in UV soft film, leather, wall paper, advertising cloth, body stickers, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Hybrid UV Printer

Equipment Model


Real Spray Surface

1800mm wide

Nozzle Model

Ricoh G5 grayscale piezoelectric printing nozzle

Print Resolution


Number of Nozzles

3-8 (4-7 colors optional)

RIP Software

Onyx Germany imports

Media Type

Hard and flexible sheet

Medium Thickness

Thickest 50mm

Input Format


Ink Type

Environmentally friendly UV-curable ink (without VOC)

Ink Color

Lm, Lc, Y, M, C, K free combination

Special Ink

UV white ink

Power Supply Requirements

220V / AC (±10%) single phase, 50 / 60 Hz; 5 KW

Equipment Size

4550mm [length] × 1350mm [width] × 1420mm [height]

equipment Weight

1200 KGS

Environmental Requirements

Independent, clean, low dust, low light, well ventilated work room

Ambient temperature: 18º ~ 30º (64º ~ 86º)

Relative humidity: 30% ~ 70% (no condensation)

Ventilation equipment: It is recommended to use overhead exhaust fan, exhaust 600 cfm



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