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Large Format Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-9060
Large Format Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-9060
Large Format Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-9060
Large Format Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-9060
Large Format Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Model: PEDB-9060

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser takes the lead in launching the PEDB-9060 industrial laser marking systems. The laser etching systems adopt gantry structure and are stable in operation.The large workbench not only satisfies the overall processing of large materials, but also supports multi-material splicing marking. The emergence of this industrial laser engraving machine has solved the limitations of the traditional machine processing format, broadens the application field of laser marking, and has won a wider international market.

Product Features

1. The fiber laser source of this industrial laser marking systems adopts Germany technology , its lifetime is up to 100,000 hours. The laser etching systems do not need special maintenance, the rail can be wiped once every three months, and the life of the whole industrial laser engraving machine is more than 10 years.

2. The industrial laser marking systems marking platform is 900mm×600mm, which supports large-format marking in one go and can also meet splicing marking .

3. This laser etching systems adopt closed processing,which can avoid the damage of the laser to human body. The industrial laser engraving machine can be equipped with an air purifier to filter the smoke and is filtered through four layers to discharge clean air. The panel of this laser etching systems is equipped with a window to facilitate real-time observation of working conditions.

4. The industrial laser marking systems are equipped with industrial computer and monitor, adopts USB data transmission. It is easy to operate.

5. The industrial laser engraving machine adopts three servo motors imported from Japan, which is faster and more accurate than traditional stepping motors.


Applicable Materials

1.The industrial laser marking systems are suitable for various metals, alloys and metal oxides, ABS materials, epoxy resins, hard plastics, etc.

Application Field

2.The laser etching systems are suitable for advertising, home improvement, electrical appliances, tool accessories, creative gifts, auto parts, building materials and other industries.

Technical Data

Product name

Industrial Laser Marking Systems



Laser power


Marking format


Re-position Precision



Japan imported servo motor

Motor Power


Marking speed


Laser wavelength


Beam quality


Cooling method

Air cooled

Total power


Overall size


Air Purifier (optional)







Filter size

Primary cotton filter378×278×100mm

HEPA filter (PP)× 2378×278×50mm

Activated carbon filter × 2: 378 ×278×50mm






AC 220V 50-60Hz

Support file format

Supports G code, PLT code format and Engraving (ENG) format generated by various CAD/CAM soft wares such as UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, Corel Draw.




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