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20W Tabletop Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100A
20W Tabletop Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100A
20W Tabletop Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100A
20W Tabletop Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100A
20W Tabletop Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Model: PEDB-100A

Product Introduction

This smart desktop mini laser marking machine uses a strong pulse laser beam to hit the objects directly on the surface, enabling the surface to produce extremely deep color, high contrast marking, so as to achieve a consistent perspective of the persistence marking, with corrosion resistance.

This mini laser marking machine uses 1064nm wavelength fiber laser source and an integrated design, the whole machine is small and easy to carry, compact and firm, removable and folded, can easily meet most common laser marking applications.

The mini laser marking machine is economical and practical, and its performance is comparable to that of stand-alone laser marking machine.

The position of the column can be adjusted at will, which is very flexible.

Product Features

1. This mini laser marking machine is small and portable, economical, flexible and diversified, cost-effective.

2. Integrated design, compact and firm structure and stable performance.

3. The laser path and column can be flexibly disassembled and stored, and the marking position can be arranged at will.

4. Adopt high-quality laser source with good spot quality, uniform optical power density, stable output optical power, no light leakage, high reflection resistance, etc.

5. Adopt storage type rotary lifting control design, it’s simple and beautiful, convenient to operate.

6. The small laser engraving machine supports WINDOWS system, the control software has powerful functions, supports various marking formats, and the operation is simple and easy to learn.

7. With double red light galvanometer laser scanning head, metal body structure and built-in double red light marking indication, it has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability, and can upgrade the high-speed digital scanning galvanometer.


1. Applied materials:

This mini laser marking machine is suitable for all kinds of metal materials, such as: stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, silver, etc., as well as some non-metallic materials, such as: PC, ABS and PVCPC+ABS.

2. Application industries:

This small laser engraving machine widely used in 3C, auto parts, electronic components, integrated circuits (PC), electrical appliances, precision instruments, all-in-one products, building materials, clocks and watches, jewelry, craft gifts and many other industries.

Technical Data

Product Name

Mini Small Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine



Output Power

20 Watts

Pulse Repetition Frequency


Marking Range

100-150mm (Optional)

Marking Speed


Marking Depth

≤1mm(Depending On Power and Time)

Laser Wavelength


Beam Mass M2


Output Power Stability


Repeatability Precision


Minimum Marker Line Width


Minimum Character Height


Cooling Mode

Air cooling

System Power Supply


(110V Can Be Connected)

Temperature and Humidity


Support System

Windows Operating System




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