CNC Flatbed Digital Craft Cutting Machine for Cardboard Fabric Paper Cutting

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CNC Flatbed Digital Craft Cutting Machine for Cardboard Fabric Paper Cutting-PE-1625
CNC Flatbed Digital Craft Cutting Machine for Cardboard Fabric Paper Cutting-PE-1625
CNC Flatbed Digital Craft Cutting Machine for Cardboard Fabric Paper Cutting

Model: PE-1625

Product Description

The digital cutting machine is mainly for the intelligent cutting of the irregular shape of non-metallic flexible materials, which can quickly complete all kinds of processes such as full cutting, half cutting, boring and milling, punching, crease, marking, etc.

The operation is simple and convenient, and the functions are rich and practical.

The digital cutting machine can solve the problem of special-shaped drawing and cutting, greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.

It can reduce the defect rate caused by manual cutting, has strong versatility, and it is quick and easy to change tools, which is more convenient in cutting different materials. This digital cutting machine also can help users to achieve high-quality cutting results faster, more stable and more accurate at low cost, improve user market competitiveness so to occupy more market share.

Machine Features

1. Over-cut optimization function: Perfect Laser self-developed CAM software of the digital craft cutting machine is used to optimize the physical over-cut phenomenon of the tool to minimize the contour of the figure and bring the perfect cutting effect to the customer.

2. Intelligent countertop compensation function: The flatness of the countertop is detected by a high-precision distance detector, and the plane is corrected in real time by software to ensure high-quality cutting effect of the digital flatbed cutter.

3. Positive and negative side cutting function: combined with the boundary recognition function, the boundary of the material is quickly identified and positioned to realize the cutting of the front and back graphics.

4. Automatic knife self-checking function: The fast and simple automatic knife self-checking system uses fiber laser sensors to accurately detect the knife and improve knife setting efficiency.

5. Knife quick change module: The digital flatbed cutter adopts simple and efficient knife holder quick change system, universal tool holder can be combined with any tool to realize fast and convenient tool change with different materials.

6. Unwinding device: The guide roller unwinding device is provided to ensure smoother material cutting during the coil conveying process, and different unwinding devices can be set according to different characteristics and specifications of the coil material, therefore improving the cutting yield and quality of the digital flatbed cutter.

7. Intelligent adsorption configuration: The digital flatbed cutter adopts honeycomb aluminum table top, durable and non-deformation, vacuum adsorption design, super wind and strong suction (small sample adsorption is no longer difficult).

8. Variety of knife types: milling knives, vibrating knives, beveling knives, drag knives, indentation knives, half knives, wheel cutters, etc., different tools are suitable for cutting different materials.

9. Graphic design software integration: It can interface with software such as ArtiOSCAD, Auto-CAD, Coreldraw, etc., simplifying the structure and graphic designer’s work-flow.

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The digital cutting machine is widely used in advertising, packaging, clothing, footwear, automotive interiors, luggage, composite materials and many other industries.

The digital craft cutting machine is mainly applicable to KT board, PVC foam board, PP, self-adhesive stickers, acrylic, corrugated board, honeycomb board, corrugated plastic board, gray board, paper, leather, carpet, MDF, aluminum-plastic board, insulation board, fiber cloth, MDF, banner cloth, textile fabrics, etc.

Technical Data


PE-1625 Digital Cutting Machine



Vacuum pump power




Working size


Maximum material size


Max material processing thickness


Cross-beam height


Maximum processing speed


Moving speed


Number of servo motors


Cutting accuracy




Fixed method

Automatic feeding platform

Position Method

HD CCD camera, automatic border recognition

Tool configuration

Choose the right cutting tool according to the material

Safety device

Infrared sensation emergency stop device,responsive, safe and reliable

Optional function

It can be equipped with electric circular knife, vibrating knife full cutting, dragging knife, pressure roller and cursor positioning function.

Command System

HP-GL compatible format



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