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PEM-3030 Small Wood Metal CNC Engraving Machine/ PEM-3030S Rotary Type

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Perfect Laser PEM-3030 small wood metal CNC engraving machine is an ideal small CNC router for manufacturing architectural models, seals, art, decoration, industrial mold, construction models, instrument panels, woodwork and other processing industries.PEM-3030S Rotary Type is suitable for engraving all kinds of round and cylinder work pieces by adding an rotary fixture.

This kind of rotary engraving machine uses imported ball bearing guide screws in X, Y, Z axis to make sure high precision. Even the letters of 1mm can be clearly discernible. Also with the advanced CNC system, this small type engraving machines can run continually and smoothly with high speed.

Product Features

1. Adopt luxury key consumables such as Germany ball screw rod, Taiwan imported linear guide rail, imported control card, makes high efficiency and steady.
2. Controlled by computer, the rotary engraving machine can directly import CAD drawings, automatically generate and optimize tool path, groove, polish.
3. Perfect combination of CNC and PC systems, to achieve a highly automated factory equipment management, suitable for mass production of high-precision glass deep-processing products.
4. High efficiency and speed mechanical transmission, maximum speed up to 60m/min, reach European lever.
5. Long wheel utilization, tool grinding wheel are available from Ф170 to Ф110, reduce the production cost.
6. English language user interface, improved man-machine dialogue function, easy to learn and operate.

This small CNC engraving machines are widely used advertising, seals processing, handcrafts, special instruments processing, little moulds processing, etc. And the rotary engraving machine can engrave kinds of metal or nonmetal stuff, such as: iron engraving, iron cutting, copper engraving, copper cutting ,aluminum engraving, aluminum cutting, plastic engraving, plastic cutting ,wood engraving, wood cutting .etc. Due to its numerous features and applications.
The machine can also be called small CNC router,metal CNC router,rotary engraving machine,small CNC engraving machines.
Technical Data




Rotary Function



Power stroke of X,Y,Z axis


Size of working table


Power of main axle


Running location precision of X,Y,Z axis


Repeating location precision of X,Y,Z axis


Power stroke of Z axis


Working style

Stepping motor

Spindle speed of frequency conversion main axis


Working voltage


Engraving order

G Code

Optional main axis and Cartridge


XY Running sensitivity


Optional Item

Acrylic Polishing Machine

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