5 Axis Desktop Single Head Double Station Automatic Wire Cable PCB USB Soldering Robot Machine

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5 Axis Desktop Single Head Double Station Automatic Wire Cable PCB USB Soldering Robot Machine -PE-W100H
5 Axis Desktop Single Head Double Station Automatic Wire Cable PCB USB Soldering Robot Machine -PE-W100H
5 Axis Desktop Single Head Double Station Automatic Wire Cable PCB USB Soldering Robot Machine

Model: PE-W100H

Product Introduction

Automatic soldering machine PE-W100H has two operating platforms and a switchable soldering system, which greatly improves the welding efficiency and saves time, has stable positioning function, and can quickly change the type of products to achieve the effect of flexible welding.

Adopts heat preservation treatment for the solder tip, the angle of the soldering iron can be changed at will, which enables one-step forming realized soldering. It’s easy to operate, powerful in function, stable in performance, and requires no consumables.

Offline work is optional, which is convenient for production management. The automatic soldering machine mechanical structure has high reliability, which saves time for later maintenance and improves work efficiency.

Product Features

1. Compared with the traditional metal welding machine, automatic wire soldering machine has the mainstream configuration - the tin breaker is directly controlled by the DSP system to achieve precise tin feeding.

2. Laser soldering machine includes an anti-tin explosion structure, using a specially designed precision blade to directly cut thin grooves on the tin wire, which is superior to the traditional punching method and effectively prevents tin explosion.

3. Universal auxiliary fixture accessories are optional to realize simple and rapid production of fixtures on site.

4. The automatic wire soldering machine equipped with a high-power heating controller to ensure the stability of continuous welding.

5. With two working platforms, the switchable soldering system eliminates the time wasted caused by fixture loading and unloading.

6. The automatic wire soldering machine uses multi-axis robots and advanced motion control algorithms for linkage to simulate the action of human hand plus tin, effectively improving the positioning accuracy of the iron head.

7. The program has built-in multi-dimension soldering method, spot welding and drag welding. All process parameters can be set by the user. It can simulate various difficult and micro soldering processes of human hands.

Optional offline work, easy production management.


Desktop automatic soldering robot, mainly used in the electronics manufacturing industry, suitable for soldering of mixed circuit boards, heat-sensitive components, and sensitive devices in SMT back-end processes. It is widely used in PCB welding wires, connector welding and other fields.

Technical Data

Product Name

Desktop Automatic Soldering Machine

Equipment Type


Processing scope

X=500mm Y1=300mm Y2=300mm Z=100mm R=±180°

Driving mode

Precision step + synchronous belt

Maximum speed

X=500mm/s, Y1=500mm/s, Y2=500mm/s, Z300mm/s, R=300dg/s ,

Diameter of applicable solder wire

Φ0.5 1.3mm

Tin feeding speed

0.1 50mm/sec

Tin feeding resolution



±0.02mm (X/Y/Z)/±0.02°(R)

Heating power


Temperature control range

0℃ 500℃

Temperature control precision


Memory capacity


Display mode

5 inches industrial bright color screen 1024*768

Operation mode


Motion tween function

Two dimensional linear, three dimensional linear

Teaching mode

Teaching collection programming

External control interface

4 Input: 4 Output:4

Air pressure

4 5kg/cm2

Power supply



620 x 700 x 800mm (L x W x H)





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