High Pressure Five-axis Water Jet Cutting Machine PEG-1530

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High Pressure Five-axis Water Jet Cutting Machine -PEG-1530
High Pressure Five-axis Water Jet Cutting Machine -PEG-1530
High Pressure Five-axis Water Jet Cutting Machine -PEG-1530
High Pressure Five-axis Water Jet Cutting Machine

Model: PEG-1530

Product Introduction

Ultra-high pressure five-axis water cutter machine, the maximum pressure of 400Mpa, long-term stability of the use of pressure for the 360-380Mpa, ultra-high pressure host air-cooled, aluminum alloy beam. Five axis high pressure water cutter machine CNC cutting platform for the gantry, (X, Y, Z) on the basis of the addition of two rotating shaft (A axis and B axis), in the processing of stone and ceramic parquet is free to polish, directly assembled, adjust the angle of 0 to ± 10 °.

Product Features

1.When the high pressure water cutting head of the water cutting machine control at 0-4 °, the two pieces of the workpiece to complete the cutting can be achieved on the surface without cracks, the next surface of the gap effect. This eliminates the need for manual secondary grinding process, in order to improve efficiency

2.This water cutter machine can reduce processing costs, improve the environment, and then create a clean parquet, improve quality.

3.When it works, the water cutting machine is no longer rely on reducing the high pressure water cutting speed to achieve a more vertical processing, without changing the processing speed of the case, you can achieve the desired results by the water cutting machine.

4.The multi-functional knife tip of Five-axis water cutting machine can tilt cut by any direction . eliminate the uneven surface of the phenomenon (to eliminate the small surface of the phenomenon). So that the need for a positive collage gap became smaller, no grinding can be directly collage, reducing the grinding session, effectively reducing the cost of production, improve the environmental issues.

5.Make the complex graphics more beautiful, and it is easy for the water cutter machine to simplify the operation of complex graphics.

6.Do not need stop when tuning, no turning dots so that it makes cutting faster, the cutting surface of the water cutter machine does not affect the formation of collage.


This water cutter machine can cut in the range of ± 10 ° cutting angle at any angle in the marble, tiles and other materials.

Technical Data


Describe of main function

CNC cutting flat

Model: PEG-1530 Water Cutter Machine

Work table sizeX×Y):1550×3050

X-axis travel1500

Y-axis travel3000

Z-axis travel200

Rotation axis (A and B axes

Gantry structure makes the water cutting machine has excellent stability and rationality

XYZAB-axis with Japan Yaskawa servo system driver to protect the water pressure cutter's high sensitivity, high precision, high speed, improve production efficiency

Tool holder with screw does not turn, the nut to drive the way, faster response

High-precision linear rolling guide and gapless ball screw to ensure high precision machining

Unique protection design: X-direction self-draining function and Z-oriented fully enclosed design makes the process of splashing sand and water can not split the lead and guide rails to form damage

Repeat positioning accuracy0.05

Fast positioning speed12000/min

Over travel limit protection function

Taiwan silver ball screw

Taiwan silver linear rolling guide

Simple, convenient, easy to learn

Beams are made of aluminum and cast aluminum, light weight, high rigidity, to ensure that the machine is more stable, faster knife speed, cutting surface finish

High pressure generation

The main high-pressure parts of High-pressure system is imported parts, so that it has the best cost performance

Durable high-pressure parts make cutting processing costs greatly reduced, higher stability

Maximum pressure: 400Mpa (60000psi), long-term use of the pressure of 360-380Mpa

Maximum Drainage3.7L/MIN

Reversing way: hydraulic commutation

The working pressure can be adjusted manually

Second filtration of water supply through a fine water filtration system

Low-pressure drilling function, so that the cutting of brittle materials more secure

Refrigeration: the world's first air-cooled type

Cutting head

Using DP2000 integrated cutting head

Using nozzle structure from the US water jet

The self-correcting function reduces the operator's assembly time

Easy parts replacement is very convenient

High pressure water open turn off

Using imported structure high pressure water switch

Pneumatic valves can achieve high-pressure water instantaneous opening and instantaneous closure, greatly reducing the return phenomenon

Automatic control of high pressure water switch with CNC auxiliary function

Closed pressure can be adjusted to achieve low pressure drilling operation and high pressure drilling operation greatly reduced drilling time

Action is sensitive and reliable

Sand control system

Using of hanging sand control system

Self-priming for sand

Manual adjustment of abrasive flow


Receiving DXF format files or self-plot graphics exported AUTOCAD

DXF files can be automatically converted to NC machining instructions

PC and CNC can communicate through the serial port

Small arc automatic deceleration function

Simultaneous graphical simulation of the program to avoid processing errors




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