Automatic Industrial Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter PE-CUT-A3

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Automatic Industrial Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter -PE-CUT-A3
Automatic Industrial Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter -PE-CUT-A3
Automatic Industrial Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter -PE-CUT-A3
Automatic Industrial Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter -PE-CUT-A3
Automatic Industrial Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter

Model: PE-CUT-A3

Product Introduction

Automatic Industrial Desktop cnc plasma cutter PE-CUT-A3 adopts heavy machine tool design.

It combined with the high speed cnc plasma cutting and the need for plate processing heavy machine stability. Berefore, this best plasma cutter has good rigidity and long stability as well as a significant advantage in thick steel and aluminum materials in cutting 1-20 mm. At the same time, the plasma cutters for sale is equipped with automatic height adjustment system, it can improve work efficiency and save costs.

Product Features

1. Maximum working area of the cnc plasma cutting machine1.5*3M Cutting thickness: 5MM The maximum cutting thickness: 25MM

2.Processing materials of the cnc plasma cutting machine: cold binding plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, copper plate, aluminum plate and other metal sheet.
3.This cnc plasma cutter is specially developed for the cutting of sheet metal, and the cutting accuracy and effect have reached the requirements of the industry.
4. This cnc plasma cutter can support AI, DXF, PLT, and other graphics data formatthis plasma cutting table is also able to accept MasterCam, Type3, Wen Tai software generated international standard G code.
5. The CNC system of the best plasma cutter uses the current advanced integrated module control mode, which ensure that the equipment in high precision, high stability in the state of reliable operation
6. With automatic calculation of cutting slot compensation, the plasma cutting table can greatly reduce the production time processing of data and can ensure sound processing of graphic size.
7. The cnc plasma cutter with automatically optimize the order of processing, but also manual adjustment, reduce processing time, improve processing efficiency.
8. The breakpoint, power failure processing, the processing process of the cnc plasma cutting machine can track along, back, flexible handling process encountered arcing, power failure.
9.After the system transfers graphics and image data, the cnc plasma cutter can edit and edit such as zoom, rotate, align, copy, combine, split, smooth, merge, etc.
10.This cnc plasma cutting machine can increase the output and programming operation of the front and back table as well as the cutting function of the machining area and the border.
11.Automatic arc, automatic adjusting system, cutting steel plate with rugged automatic adjustment function, to ensure uniform distance between the cutting torch and the plate cutting, thus the cnc plasma cutter can ensure the cutting quality.


Application Material

This kind of cnc plasma cutting machine is widely applied in special-shaped carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) and other metal materials of large, medium and small plates.

Application field

This kind of cnc plasma cutting machine is widely applied in shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery, petrochemical, power equipment, boiler manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing.

Technical Data



Effective Cutting Width

Track Gauge-1500

Effective Cutting Length

Gauge Length-3000

Plasma Cutting Thickness


Cutting Torch Lifting Stroke


Machine Running Speed


Velocity Error


Automatic Height Adjustment Accuracy




Vertical Line Accuracy


Linear Repetition Accuracy


Installation Accuracy of Rail

Rail Side Straightness0.5mm/10000mm

The parallel degree between the rail and the horizontal

plane of the guide rail±0.5mm/10000mm

Positioning Precision


A.Equipment positioning accuracy and repeatability: conform to JB/T5102-1999 standard

B. Cutting dimension accuracy, section quality: conform to JB/T10045.3-1999 standard





Diagonal Difference


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Machine MarkingAccuracy


Cutting SurfaceQuality(Roughnes)



Visual Measurement: roughness12.5




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