5 Axis CNC Water Jet Metal Cutting Machine PEG-3015

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5 Axis CNC Water Jet Metal Cutting Machine -PEG-3015
5 Axis CNC Water Jet Metal Cutting Machine -PEG-3015
5 Axis CNC Water Jet Metal Cutting Machine

Model: PEG-3015

Product Introduction

The PEG-3015 5 axis water jet cutting machines conforms to the quality standard, the structural design is reasonable, compact and the appearance is beautiful. This cnc water jet cutting machine is mainly composed of high pressure generator, CNC system, cutting platform, high pressure water switch, cutting head and high pressure pipeline. Environmentally friendly and the key components are made of world-famous brand parts. This water jet metal cutting machine is suitable for processing all kinds of metal materials, non-metallic materials and composite materials, such as: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, stone, glass, ceramics, rubber, alloy steel, carbon steel, plastic, etc. Convenient operation, free maintenance, low operating costs, and we provide reliable after-sales service, to ensure that users’ production and processing.

Product Features

1. High cutting efficiency: continuous swing while improving the cutting efficiency of five-axis water knife, and the processing efficiency water jet metal cutting machine is 85% -100% of the three-axis water knifes.

2. Large angle cutting: AC 5 axis water jet cutting machines can achieve a large graphic cutting, to meet some special requirements of the stone industry, such as 45-degree bevel cutting.

3. C-axis infinite rotation: Considering that the graphics in the parquet industry are complicated, the infinite rotation of the C-axis can avoid the problem of insufficient C-axis travel.

4. 3D Cutting: The cnc water jet cutting machine supports five-axis NC files generated by various mainstream CAM softwares and can be directly loaded to achieve accurate 3D cutting to meet the needs of the high-end market.

5. Special shield design of the cnc water jet cutter is more effective waterproof, durable and beautiful.

6. Imported Yaskawa servo drive, positioning accuracy, smooth operation, to ensure processing accuracy of the water jet metal cutting machine.

7. Large loading and unloading size, especially for irregular material size, if your cnc water jet cutting machine is to undertake external cutting work, it is recommended to use cantilevered type.

8. The cnc water jet cutting machine adopts one-time extrusion of aluminum alloy crossbeam material. Light weight, high rigidity, to ensure a more stable machine tool. It belongs to a high technology in cnc water jet cutter area.


1. Home appliances glass cutting

(Gas stove table, hood, disinfection cabinet, etc.) Lamps and lanterns; craft glass, bathroom products (shower rooms, etc.), architectural glass, furniture glass, car glass, glass and other industries

2. Stone, ceramic processing

3. Metal cutting

Decorative, decorating stainless steel cutting (currently in the field of domestic metal cutting the largest customer base)

Manufacture of machinery covers (including electrical control boxes, etc.)

Metal parts cutting (stainless steel hair plate semi-finishing, large steel structure parts, saw blades, etc.)

High-voltage electrical conductive row (copper or aluminum row)

Rare metals (titanium, tungsten, molybdenum)

Logo (advertising)

Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper)

Technical Data

Rotation axis


PEG-3015 5 Axis Water Jet Cutting Machines

A-axis rotation angle

≥±45°70°Our company can achieve

C axis rotation angle


Rotary axis positioning accuracy


Rotary axis maximum speed


Fixed point cutting accuracy


A-axis motor power

100W Japan Yasukawa

C-axis motor power

400W Japan Yasukawa

CNC system

CNC controller

AC servo system


control precision


positioning accuracy



±0.01mm /1000

Angle control accuracy


Cutting accuracy


operating system

Chinese and English interface




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