20W 30W Mini Integrated Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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20W 30W Mini Integrated Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100
20W 30W Mini Integrated Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100
20W 30W Mini Integrated Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine-PEDB-100
20W 30W Mini Integrated Multifunctional Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Model: PEDB-100

Product Introduction

The portable multifunctional mini fiber laser marking machine PEDB-100 independently developed by Perfect Laser can be customized into portable CO2 laser marking machine or mini UV laser marking machine based on customer needs.

This mini fiber laser marking machine is intelligent and compact, with a lightweight design ,simple operation, worry free and labor-saving. It adopts industrial grade high-speed galvanometers and high transparency coating field mirrors, with fast marking speed, high accuracy, large range, affordable and high cost performance.

Product Features

1. High quality laser source (Standard: Fiber Laser ; Customize: CO2 Laser / UV laser) combined with high transparency coated field lens and intelligent red light positioning systems.It provide high positioning accuracy and make the identification more high-quality.

2. High precision control of the beam can not only adapt to various high-density materials,but also create high-precision patterns, maintaining the artistry and integrity of the product.

3. The small laser marking machine has small and integrated body design, small size, light weight, good stability, strong comprehensiveness, and more flexible production line integration.

4. The small laser marking machine has an independently developed intelligent touch screen control system, combined with high intelligence core chips,that operates reliably and smoothly.Its simple and easy to use, supporting mobile phone/computer operation.

5. Adopting high-speed galvanometer technology, the marking speed can reach up to 12000mm/s, with high efficiency, and can quickly process large amounts of data and complex images.

6. The high transparency coating field mirror provides a super large field of view, expands the marking range, and a smaller marking head, which will conveniently elevate it to another level.

7. Cooperate with Perfect laser traceability system to easily track the whereabouts of products and improve product safety.


1. Applicable Materials

① Fiber laser marking machine

The desktop laser marking machine is suitable for various metal materials such as stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, silver, as well as some non-metallic materials such as PC, ABS, PVC,PC+ABS.

② CO2 laser marking machine

The portable co2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking the vast majority of non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo and wood products, PCB boards, etc.

③ UV laser marking machine

The mini uv laser marking machine is widely used for marking metal materials(such as stainless steel, carbon steel, soft steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloys), as well as non-metallic materials (such as plastics, PVC, glass, ceramics).

2. Applicable Industry

This desktop laser marking machine is widely used in various industries, including automotive parts, electronic components, integrated circuits (PCs), precision equipment, clothing, wood, watches, jewelry, craft gifts, and more.

Technical Data

Product Name

Mini Integrated Multifunctional Laser Marking Machine



Laser Type

Fiber laser

CO2 laser

UV laser

Output Power






Laser Wavelength






Marking Range



Optional maximum

range:300mm x300mm



Optional maximum

range:450mm x450mm



Optional maximum

range:175mm x175mm

Maximum Power Consumption




Net Weight of Machine (Host)




Optical Path Size



587mmX186mmX170mm (L×W×H)

Cooling System

Normal temperature air cooling


Marking Line Type

Dot matrix and vector integrated machine (can do both dot matrix and vector printing)

Reflector Size

Standard configuration:10mm


With red light positioning and focusing

Number of Lines of Characters to be Engraved

Any row within the marking range

Printing Speed

650 characters/second (the specific speed is related to the product material and printing content)


Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic numerals and other standard fonts

File Format


Bar Code /QR Code


Power Supply



Optional (the monitor supports VGA connection and the resolution is 1366*768)


USB2.0/photoelectric trigger/signal feedback

Pollution Level


Over Voltage Category

Adapt to Temperature




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