Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform-PE-F3015P 4020P 6020P
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform-PE-F3015P 4020P 6020P
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform-PE-F3015P 4020P 6020P
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform-PE-F3015P 4020P 6020P
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform

Model: PE-F3015P 4020P 6020P

Product Description

Perfect Laser is a professional laser cutting machine manufacture. In order to meet the market requirement for laser cutting machine, Perfect Laser now launch a new kind of CNC laser cutting machine. It has the two kinds of platform, that is the exchange platform to feed automatically, greatly improving working efficiency. This machine used plate welding structure . It can weld the steel plate with thickness of about 12 mm. The height of the exchange platform is high with chain-type transmission and dual rail, which can greatly save the time of feeding and unloading. Fully enclosed structure can effectively reduce the laser radiation. Since this kind of machine launched, it is widely praised by the customers at home and abroad.


Application materials: This kind of machine is widely used high speed cutting for a variety of metal sheet or pipe , such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, aluminum, steel, brass, alloy plate, rare metals and other materials.
Application industry: This kind of machine main used in kitchen appliances, electric control box, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, lighting, posters, auto parts, metal processing.

Main Feature

1. The middle part of the two platforms are not in the same level, which can Save time for feeding and unloading material in short time.

2. Fully enclosed design can greatly reduce damage to the health from the laser, especially for those countries who strictly required to the environmental protection.
3. The exchange platform with heavy capacity can be placed 8-10 mm carbon steel plate. The table has universal balls. There is a sheet metal clamping device beside the table, which can firmly fix the materials on the table to avoide workpiece movement.

4. If it was powered off or the chain was pulled off , the platform can be pushed in by hand. At the same time it has anti-collision protection device on the left side of the machine to protect of the machine from damaging.
5. Working platform plate was made of a thickness of 3 mm carbon steel plate, the service life is long. it dosent need the replacement in 8 months to 1 year.
6. The overall steel beam is very steel, the machine beam used a 17 mm thickness plate, and beam bases thickness is about 30 mm.
7. Dust cover is made of the fire-retardant materials.There will not be break and pull off with a long time use, at the same time it can prevent the spark burning.
8. Using the well-known brand of Taiwan YCC helical rack, Taiwan's silver (HIWIN) 30 rail, Germany's Siemens electronic devices, and Japan's Yaskawa drive motor to ensure the accuracy of the machine work.
9. Faster Acceleration , repeated positioning accuracy is about 0.03mm,and its cutting accuracy can reach 7-8 silk.

Technical Parameters

Product Name

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With Feeding & Cutting Exchange Platform








Working Area




Laser Source

World Famous Fiber Laser Source

(Raycus / Max / IPG)

Laser Power

500w / 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w / 4000w / 5000w / 6000w

Cutting Speed

20-60 Meters / Minute (Depending on Material and Laser Power)

Cutting Thickness

5mm-30mm (According to Different Laser Power and Materials)

Servo System

Japan's Panasonic Servo Motor and Driving System

Laser Focus Method

Dynamic Focusing System

Cooling Method

Water cooling

Minimum Line Width


Positioning Accuracy


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Protection Level


Power Configuration

AC 380V ± 10% 50Hz


2 Years Guarantee for Fiber Laser Source

12 Month Guarantee for Whole Machine


VCD Training Video for Easy Learning

Engineer Overseas Installation & Training is also Available



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