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LCD Control Dot Peen Marking Machine-PEQD-100E
LCD Control Dot Peen Marking Machine-PEQD-100E
LCD Control Dot Peen Marking Machine-PEQD-100E
LCD Control Dot Peen Marking Machine-PEQD-100E
LCD Control Dot Peen Marking Machine

Model: PEQD-100E

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser is specializes in the manufacture and development of nameplate marking machines. At present, in order to meet the needs of the market for nameplate marking machines, a nameplate marking machine model PEDQ-100E was introduced.And permanent part marking takes complete LCD control screen, integrates PC, display, and control system into one unit. There is no need to work with computer, and its smaller size can save space, easier to operate and high efficiency.

Product Features

1. Quality of needles: Imported hard alloys are used for molding once by precision moulds. Not only does it make the operation more efficient, it also makes the printed artifacts more perfect.

2. The processed letters, words, or graphics can be saved in a U disk, then input to the machine. Nameplate marking machine can work offline without computer, more convenient to operate and working efficiency much enhanced.

3. The nameplate marking machine use the high-quality imported materials: such as Japan's positioning switch, so that the machine's high-precision and stable performance are guaranteed. German original linear guides are also used to ensure the long-term stability and high-precision operation of the equipment.

4. The unique identification hull system is configured to greatly reduce the noise generated by the machine during operation.

5. The nameplate marking machine is maintenance-free and has a low overall operating cost. The service life of the machine is up to 10 years.

6. Permanent part marking supports fonts such as MG fonts, SHX fonts in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, TTF in Windows, and more.

7.The nameplate marking machine software is with powerful edit function, can layout any kind of characters and graphics, and is compatible with AutoCAD software.


Nameplate marking machine suitable for permanent marking on the surface of metal and non-metallic parts, can make a variety of logos such as letters, numbers, dates, VIN codes, graphics and serial numbers.And nameplate marking machine also named permanent part marking machine, marking metal machine,aluminum marking machine,engine marking machine, dot peen marking machine for sale.

Technical Data


LCD Desktop Nameplate Marking Machine



Standard Marking Area



Marking Depth


Marking Speed

≤50mm/s (for Characters Height of 3mm /

3-4 Numbers /Second)

Air Pressure


Z-Axis Lifting Range

0-300 mm or Customized

Marking Accuracy

0.01 mm

Pin Hardness

HRC 92

Power Supply

220V±10, 50HZ

Air Pressure

0.2-0.6 Mpa

Machine Power

≤400 W

Working Environment

-540 ℃

Whole Machine Weight

56 Kg






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