4 Axis Automatic Blades Changing CNC Metal Router Machine PEM-2030F

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4 Axis Automatic Blades Changing CNC Metal Router Machine -PE-2030F
4 Axis Automatic Blades Changing CNC Metal Router Machine -PE-2030F
4 Axis Automatic Blades Changing CNC Metal Router Machine

Model: PE-2030F

Product Introduction

This new type four axis Ccnc metal router machine is a new product for 4D engraving, the 4th spindle (A axis ) can rotate +/- 90 degree around X axis to fit all kinds of surface.

This cnc metal engraving machine not only has four-axis which can work together, but also equipped with automatic blades changing system, greatly improve production efficiency. At the same time, cnc router metal machine adopts advanced Italy imported HSD spindle, latest ES929 e-core spindle motor, Taiwan's new generation control system and Japan's Yaskawa servo drive system, which make the engraving process more stable and efficient.

Product Features

1. Four-axis:All spindles of the automatic router machine can work at the same time, save processing time, extremely efficient

2. Firm router bed: The fuselage adopts the welding technology, and the whole body of the bed is seamless welded with tempering aging treatment, more solid and notdeformed

3. The cnc metal router machine use gantry-type mobile structureThe entire casting bed after thick-walled seamless steel pipe welding, has solid structure, good rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

4. 10PCS cnc metal engraving machine adopts automatic positioning cylinder: Positioning is more accurate

5. The cnc metal router machine adopts Italy HSD, large engraving power and long service life, smooth engraving edge.

6. The automatic router machine adopts Taiwan new generation control system: It can be connected with multiple software with advantages of simple operation, quick speed and stable running.

7. 2030 cnc router metal machine is equipped with Japan's Yaskawa servo drive system: A new man-machine screen, the interface is clear, and easy to learn and easy to use.

8. The cnc metal engraving machine adopts TBI precision ball screw drive system: Making work more accurate,and with long lifetime.

9. The automatic router machine has multiple safety protection system : The maximum possible to ensure operator safety.

10. The cnc router metal machine is simple and intelligent operation: It with USB function,simple and intelligent.

11. The cnc metal router machine has automatic blade changing function: It can change the blade automatically during the processing, saving manpower cost and improving processing efficiency.

12. The cnc metal engraving machine has double motor synchronous to drive beams:cutting speed fast.

13. The automatic router machine adopts double vacuum adsorption mesa: It is equipped with vacuum suction, vacuum cleaner device, It can absorb the sawdust and foam in the process, keep the worktable clean, and maintain the machine.


Woodworking industry: sculpture, round carving, wooden handicraft processing

Advertising industry: advertising signs, logo making, cutting acrylic, plastic molding, suit for making a variety of materials advertising decorative products.

Other industries:Widely used in the gift industry carving, The cnc metal router machine can be used for aluminum, aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum, 3D engraving process, man-made sheet metal, cutting LED and neon lights and other aluminum industry.

All kinds of wood materials: aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate, plastic plate; PVC, acrylic, color plate, MDF, crystal plate and other advertising materials; and artificial soft marble and other non-metallic and light metal materials.

Technical Data


PE-2030F Automatic Router Machine

Table size


Travel stroke


Empty speed


Working speed


Working voltage


Spindle power

9KW (Italy HSD / China HQD Tool spindle) Air cooling

Table Structure

Double vacuum adsorption mesa

Working environment temperature


Relative humidity

90%No condensation

X Y Z axis travel stroke


X/Y moving speed


Drive motor

Japan Yaskawa servo motor

operating system

Taiwan new generation control system



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