Industrial Grade Plasma Arc Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet / Tube / Pipe Cutting

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Industrial Grade Plasma Arc Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet / Tube / Pipe Cutting-PE-CUT-3015
Industrial Grade Plasma Arc Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet / Tube / Pipe Cutting-PE-CUT-3015
Industrial Grade Plasma Arc Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet / Tube / Pipe Cutting

Model: PE-CUT-3015

Product Introduction

Perfect Laser PE-CUT-3015 Industrial grade high configuration integrated all-in-one plasma arc cutting machine can cut various metal sheet, round metal tubes, metal pipes, such as: steel plates, iron plates, etc.

It is a high-efficiency, high-precision, high-reliability cutting equipment that combines precision mechanical transmission and reliable cutting technology.

The electrical control part of this plasma arc cutting machine is composed of three sub-systems: CNC control system, electrical system and servo driving system.

The CNC control system adopts the 4-axis transmission system designed by Shanghai University. The plasma arc voltage can be automatically adjusted.

With double driving systems, double step motors, the performance of this CNC plasma tube cutter is stable and reliable, the running speed is fast, and with high cutting precision.

With the aid of the rotary fixture, it can cut round metal tube and pipes, square pipes, special-shaped metal pipes.

Product Features

1. PE-CUT-3015 industrial grade high configuration plasma arc cutting machine uses a 200 water-cooled plasma cutting torch, with a smooth cutting surface and good durability of machine parts, which reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

2. The cutting with plasma cutter adopts well-known brand double motors and double drivers, with excellent performance, stable and reliable quality.

3. PE-CUT-3015 uses high-tech, durable materials, greater torque, lower heat generation, less vibration, stable operation and good anti-interference ability.

4. This plasma arc cutting machine has a high-configuration CNC control system and a 1.5-mode precision gear rack, with an operating accuracy of 0.3mm, has high accuracy and stable performance.

5. This CNC plasma tube cutter adopts Pro-nest / pipe special nesting software to help customers using the metal sheet as reasonably as possible, to avoid waste and save costs.

6. PE-CUT-3015 has the function of automatically adjusting the plasma arc voltage. It can automatically adjust and select the most suitable cutting distance. The operation is simple, the sensitivity is very high, which effectively guarantees the cutting quality.

7. The cutting with plasma cutter select well-known brand plasma power supply, with stable working, high loading ability and low failure rate.

8. The CNC plasma tube cutter adopts the high-efficiency double-side driving system and stepping motor to make the whole machine running more smoothly than single-side driving.


Application Materials

This plasma arc cutting machine is widely applied for special-shaped metal cutting: such as: carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) etc.

Application Industries

It’s widely applied in ship-building industry, heavy machinery, petrochemical, motive power equipment, boiler manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing.

Technical Data

Product Name

Industrial Grade Plasma Arc Cutting Machine

for Metal / l Tube / Pipe Cutting



Effective Cutting Range

(X / Y direction)

1.5 × 3.0 Meters

Cutting Torch

1 group (plasma)

Cutting Thickness

Plasma (0.3-25mm)

Running Speed


Rotary Fixture

200mm Rotary Fixture, 4 claws

Height Adjustment Method

Plasma Arc Pressure Automatic Adjusting

Rail Length

(X / Y direction)

3.0 × 3.6 Meters

Guide Rail

Optical axis linear guide rail

Driving Method

Double-side Driving System

Running Accuracy


Cutting Tube Length

3 meters

Cutting Tube Diameter



12 month


Perfect Laser offer VCD training for the machine.

Engineer Oversea training is also available. (Charged additionally)



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